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VoIP and Hosted Telephony Specialists in Bristol.

We keep Bristol SMEs connected via our cutting-edge VoIP service and second-to-none telephony expertise.


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Driving Intelligent Telephony Solutions

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol represents the future of business telephony. Replacing the traditional means of voice transmission via landlines, VoIP instead operates through an internet connection.

This modernised alternative to copper wire-based calls eliminates your business’ reliance on local telephone infrastructure. With this, you no longer have to worry about local outages – putting you firmly in control of your communications.

In addition to this, VoIP has enhanced scalability proficiency, so you can rest assured that your business’ communications can keep up with your evolving operations.

When it comes to implementing and maintaining your VoIP phone system, Excalibur will support you every step of the way. Our in-house specialists are always on-hand to answer your queries and provide on-going support.

  • Future-proofed phone systems
  • Cost-effective alternative to landline rates
  • Flexible upgrades to allow for scalability
  • On-hand support from our telephony specialists
  • Intelligent features, including call screening and recording
  • Remote worker assistance
  • Enhanced phone system reliability
  • Software integration for a collaborative communications model

Our Hosted Telephony Solutions in Bristol

Office staff video calling remote colleagues.

Cloud Telephony Consultation & Setup

When it comes to phone system migration, many businesses are apprehensive about the disruption that this may cause. This is where Excalibur steps in, we take care of your VoIP setup and provide comprehensive staff training, so your transition is as smooth as possible.

And our work doesn’t stop there – we build long-lasting relationships with Bristol SMEs through our ongoing telephony support service. With second-to-none expertise and a dedicated team, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with a VoIP system that your business can count on.

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Office Move Telephony Migration

One of the many benefits of a VoIP system is its ability to migrate with you. Should your business be moving within or outside of Bristol, the Excalibur team are on-hand to move your devices over and register your VoIP numbers at your new location.

With our close attention to detail, this setup also includes thorough testing at your new premises, ensuring that the correct extension numbers have been set up and are connected to the right members of staff.

We take control of your telephony migration, ensuring minimal disruption and allowing you to focus on everything else.

Why not speak to our solutions specialist?

Give Mark a call on 01793438888 or email him at sales.enquiries@excaliburcomms.co.uk

Mark Holmes, Key Account Manager, Excalibur Communications, Swindon.

Mark Holmes

20+ years working with SMEs
to optimise their business communications.

What is VoIP?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol refers to telephony that is hosted in the cloud, replacing much of the traditional phone systems.

With the PSTN switch off taking place in 2025, VoIP provides your business with a future-proofed telephony system. As well as this, it also removes the need for expensive pieces of hardware being stored on site, instead relying only on an internet connection.

Over recent years, an increasing amount of our business communications take place virtually, over platforms such as Microsoft Teams. Hosted telephony has evolved in line with this change and offers your business unrivalled flexibility and a fully integrated means of communication.

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Frequently asked questions

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Or contact us at any time at:
Are VoIP phone calls free?

VoIP allows your business to make free or low-cost calls, providing a much cheaper alternative to traditional landlines. As such, if your business regularly makes international calls, VoIP is particularly beneficial. As VoIP also eliminates the need for expensive hardware, this provides your business with an additional saving.

Is VoIP secure?

As long as your business has a secure internet connection, VoIP phone systems offer a high level of security. During our setup, we thoroughly assess the strength of your connection. Throughout this process, we also provide extensive staff training, so your team can avoid risks such as phishing calls.

What are the drawbacks of VoIP?

As the performance of VoIP is entirely reliant on a stable internet connection, it’s vital that your business has sufficient infrastructure in place. As such, a weaker connection will result in poorer quality calls. As a complete IT and communications specialist, Excalibur can provide your business with a range of connectivity services, preparing your business for VoIP.

What are the benefits of Hosted Telephony?

✓ Low-cost

In previous years, Bristol businesses may have postponed phone system upgrades due to the costly hardware involved. The introduction of VoIP has eliminated this upfront cost, with a monthly rolling contract in its place. VoIP’s internet basis also means that your business will no longer have to pay expensive rates for domestic and international calls.

✓ Business continuity

Regardless of your location, VoIP has the capabilities to display selected numbers when making outgoing calls. This is especially useful if you want to make calls using your 0117 area code when your team are working remotely.

✓ Flexible

Need your team to stay in touch when they’re away from their desk, or at home? As long as they have access to a reliable WiFi or 5G connection, your business can make or receive calls from anywhere. With hybrid working representing the new norm, and in-person meetings making a return, VoIP provides the versatile phone solution for your business.

✓ Grows with your business

As telecommunications has evolved in cities like Bristol, the PSTN infrastructure has lacked the scalability to keep up with the ever-growing demands of phone communications. This is where cloud-based solutions such as VoIP come in; shedding the restrictions of the past, cloud-hosted telephony can accommodate a considerably larger number of extension numbers, without the cumbersome hardware.

✓ Future-focused

There is no avoiding the PSTN (public switched telephone network) in 2025. When this is rolled out, businesses will be forced to migrate to a new phone solution. As a cloud-hosted telephony system, VoIP is a forward-thinking alternative to traditional copper wire-based systems.

✓ Software compatibility

Rather than changing your existing software to fit around VoIP, this solution will seamlessly work around your business’ platforms, whether this be Microsoft applications or marketing tools such as Hubspot. As well as providing a seamless integration, this versatility also saves your business valuable time and money.

Why Do Businesses Choose Our Hosted Telephony Service?

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First-Rate Accreditations

We deliver our services in tandem with leading technology partners, providing Bristol businesses with access to the very best VoIP solutions.

We’re proud to be the Vodafone Retention Partner of The Year 2022, and we’re always looking to build upon our existing partner accreditations.

SME Experts

We have longstanding relationships with a number of Bristol SMEs, thanks to our expertise in servicing these types of organisations.

This skillset is carried over into delivering the most up to date VoIP solutions, tailoring our service to your SME phone system requirements.


We understand the importance of a dependable communications provider.

In addition to a second-to-none setup, our dedicated team are always on hand to ensure that your VoIP system is covering you from all angles.

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Working with the best providers.

We strive to deliver an unrivalled customer service. To do this, we count on equally brilliant technologies. This is why we have hand-picked industry leading providers such as Gamma, RingCentral and Vodafone to work alongside us.

As such, Excalibur are able to provide a local, Bristol service with renowned tools to boot.

Our Client Feedback

Over the years, we’ve worked with businesses across a range of sectors.

Our client feedback is testament to our team’s outstanding service delivery.

I had a very interesting and productive 1st meeting with Excalibur yesterday. We got through a huge amount but ran perfectly to time. They were clearly very well prepared for the meeting and followed up with a concise list of actions. Overall, I have been left with an overwhelming feeling of positivity that we are going to make some real progress over the coming months in fine-tuning our IT set-up and improving our cyber security.

Lucy Griffiths | Swindon Property Group

So responsive, positive and helpful. Really going above and beyond.

Thank you for such wonderful IT Support.

Henry Marshall | Park House School

I am finding Laura at Excalibur a breath of fresh air, nothing too much trouble and only too pleased to try and help. In the short space of time I have had contact with her she’s managed to sort out a few of Middletons’ ongoing problems and not a whiff of using COVID-19 as an excuse not to try and help. Please pass on our thanks for all the work she is doing for us – long may it continue.

Karen Seymour | Middletons Solicitors

I really appreciate the way Charlotte at Excalibur took time to understand the specific needs I have from my mobile contract and found a way to achieve this, despite Vodafone’s tariffs. I have already passed her details onto a colleague and will be happy to recommend to others.

Katherine Woods | Meeting Magic

We have recommended Excalibur to other councils and will continue to do so. A definite 9 and almost a 10! Recently, Laura helped my understanding of Microsoft Teams. She helped steer me through it as a novice ready for our Council to use it for virtual meetings. No question was a stupid question and she patiently talked me through it. She is always professional and helpful in her dealings with my team right from advising on new systems through to follow-up on queries.

Shelley Parker | Marlborough Town Council

10/10 – I have been using Excalibur since it started in Swindon centre – I have one particularly good memory which has kept me with them ever since. I would, and do, always recommend Excalibur. And thank you to Amy for her supreme effort and excellent communication during lockdown.

MLL | Heritage Consultants Limited

Very easy to deal with, a keen price and excellent and efficient service to boot. Can’t be faulted.

Mike Crabb | John M Carter Ltd.

Ready to bring your phone communications into the future?

Whatever your business and pain points, Excalibur has the know-how to seamlessly move your business across to cloud-hosted telephony.

Our consultants are ready to speak to you about a free initial assessment.