‘I am very happy with the implementation and roll out of the project so far. Excalibur led on the installation of SharePoint, which provides a secure cloud based environment to upload/download client and company documents anywhere, anytime. There were no real issues and everything ran very smoothly. We are already looking at taking on more products to get all our communications managed in one place by Excalibur.’

Julie Williams

Financial Controller

JBP Associates Ltd

What do they do?

JBP Associates Ltd is a communications and public relations consultancy with offices across the country. They deliver astute PR and media management, public policy consultation and reputation management to a range of customers.

With 35 staff located in Bristol, London, Warwick and Manchester, reliable communications is an essential part of how JBP works. Staff need to be productive while on the road and with customers. Therefore, the company needed to build a world-class service desk that would support the company in the best way possible.

How did Excalibur help?

As a communications company, JBP Associates Ltd had to practice what they preached and have reliable, top quality communications across the board. To that end, Excalibur initiated upgrades to all network links in the company offices including new leased lines, ISDN30 and mobile phones. This provided the backbone from which to build the kind of connectivity the company wanted.

As JBP lacked their own service desk, Excalibur took over IT support for the two main offices in London and Bristol.

How do JBP operate now?

As a result of this project, JBP now benefit from fast, secure internet access and connectivity across all of their sites. Collaboration between offices is now faster than ever, file transfers now take seconds instead of minutes and communications are much more reliable.

The new mobile phones enable productivity while on the move and ensures staff are contactable wherever in the country they may be. The combination of Vodafone’s coverage and fast 4G speeds has improved communications and the user experience equally.

The new service desk enables JBP to access IT support as and when required. The expert team at Excalibur knows exactly what systems JBP Associates Ltd uses and has tailored their service to match. This has improved resolution times considerably.