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Our Bristol IT Services

Excalibur Communications provide cutting-edge, comprehensive and proactive IT Support to organisations across Bristol and the South West. With over 20 years experience working with SME organisations, our team know the importance of staying operational in this digital age. We aren’t a quick One-Stop-Shop. Excalibur Communications are an award-winning IT provider for Bristol businesses, that looks to build a relationship with your teams, resolve your current pain-points and become part of your ever-lasting digital transformation journey.

SME Focused

We tend to find that Bristol IT companies often focus their efforts in winning and supporting large organisations when striving for growth. This leaves the smaller SME’s often being neglected or mistreated. No business is too small to deserve a dedicated and proactive IT partner, our expertise and priority will forever remain in supporting the 2 to 250 user SME organisations. 

Strategic approach

Receiving proactive IT support and having a solid strategy in place is one of the most important aspects to any IT solution. Our IT support in Bristol isn’t just about resolving your day-to-day queries. We take time to understand how your business operates; we identify your goals and objectives and what you need from your IT. You can be reassured that when you choose Excalibur as your Bristol IT partner, any solution implemented is future-proof and will provide you with security, ease-of-use and scalability.

An IT Support partner you can trust

To build the foundations of a strong partnership, we believe that our customers should receive full transparency of the business. As part of the onboarding process, we often involve our management and leadership team so you can ask any questions about Excalibur’s motivations, culture and values. When possible, we’ll give you a tour of our offices and give you a chance to talk to our Head of Managed Services and Head of Operations. 

Partnered with the best

Excalibur works with market-leading pioneering brands to develop and deliver first-class IT solutions to businesses in Bristol. With accredited partnerships with Microsoft, Vodafone and Google, we have an all encompassing range of solutions to meet our customers requirements. View our full list of accredited partners here .

Our Services

As enterprises become increasingly networked, digitally-enabled and integrated with emerging IoT applications, the pressures of digital transformation make the strategic importance of quality IT support increasingly key.

  • Award Winning Service Desk
  • Back up management
  • Cloud Services
  • Ad-hoc IT support
  • Cyber Security
  • IT Project Services
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Remote IT Support
IT Support Bristol – everything you need

We offer a full package of IT support, covering managed IT services, cloud and security, hardware, software, servers and more.

We have digital experts with expertise in app and website developments, database professionals with CRM and ERP backgrounds, cloud migration specialists, digital and IT strategists, issues resolution technicians and more. Together, our large, diverse and highly effective team provide a full-service managed IT support solution, meeting your organisation’s unique needs in a high-quality, cost-effective way.

For IT support Bristol wide, and even further afield, Excalibur Communications is your partner of choice. We offer a full range of managed IT services that act to:

  • Help you run your business more efficiently – with skilled IT experts on hand whenever you need them
  • Keep your overheads and fixed staffing costs low – by accessing skills, talent and expertise on a flexible ‘as needed’ basis
  • Provide access to a full range of IT support skill sets that would naturally exceed the breadth of experience that an in-house team might provide, especially for a budget-conscious SME business
  • Provide a tailor-made IT support package that is designed to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Help you to springboard ahead of the competition by ensuring that your business is online, experiences minimal downtime and is enabled and supported to deliver at all times – leveraging your digital assets to best effect to provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the longer term.

What makes us different to other IT Support Companies in Bristol?

Based on values

Everything we do at Excalibur is set around a particular set of values. We have four main core sections – Personal, Expert, Fair and Bold. By aligning our business on these strong set of values – it shapes the way we work internally, and most importantly improves the service we deliver. Read more about our values.

Support focused

Most IT Support providers in Bristol have a low ratio of operations staff to compared to sales and marketing. At Excalibur we hold a 4:1 ratio of service staff to sales. This ensures that we have enough resources internally to continually deliver on-time and maintain an excellent standard of service.

On average we receive 4.8 out of 5 star rating as feedback from our cases.

Focused on engagement

We believe that by improving our own staff engagement and well-being, it positively reflects in the service we deliver.

Excalibur is a Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for 2017, 2018 and 2020. We also hold the Federation of Small Business South West Award for Employer of the Year 2018. 

Highly accredited

At Excalibur, we continually look to achieve and uphold industry relevant accreditations that focus on improving the way we operate and our overall service. On top of all our partner accreditations, We can proudly say we are ISO 27001 accredited.

IT Support Bristol – Get in touch

There’s a range of different reasons a company needs IT Support, we’re confident our team can support you. Speak to one of our consultants about the challenges you’re facing and we’ll give you a free initial assessment or arrange a more thorough audit with a Senior Project Engineer.

Prefer to contact a solutions expert directly?

Give Mike a call on 01793 438883 or e-mail him at

Mike Hayden

10 years working with SME’s to improve their IT and Infrastructure

Frequently asked questions

Or contact us at any time
Managed Services vs in-house, what’s better?

Some larger businesses can afford to maintain in-house IT teams, but the resourcing costs are significant and it is challenging to recruit and retain a large enough team to cover the wide, challenging and ever-evolving breadth and depth of skill sets required to deliver a full IT solution in today’s rapidly changing world.

For this reason, many forward-thinking businesses are turning to expert managed services that provide full access to cutting-edge skills, talent and expertise on a flexible basis – buying in the services they need, when they need it and at rates that make sense for the business.

Is IT Support expensive?

As you can tell, there is a great degree of variation in the price that you could face when you start shopping around. Many IT support firms might charge a relatively low amount, but fail to offer a service that really offers what you need in an emergency. As a ballpark figure, you might expect to pay somewhere between 4% and 6% of annual revenues on IT support.

This would include any major necessary updates each year and general day-to-day management. The best way to get a more accurate price would be to speak to an IT support specialist, such as what our team can provide here at Excalibur. We service a number of small and large companies across all UK sectors and offer flexible pricing plans that can cover your exact needs and not break the bank.

We also offer exclusive deals for small businesses, as a part of our aim to help you minimise costs and grow.

What do I need to consider when selecting an IT Support Provider?

IT support is now a crucial business expenditure for most companies, regardless of sector. If your systems go down, even for a few hours, it could mean a complete halt to business and cost you dearly.

When comparing IT support companies in Bristol, we recommend you acknowledge price but don’t prioritise it. We often hear that customers who are cost driven in their decision making tend to encounter more problems and receive a poorer service,

We recommend you research into what the business offers from a strategic and proactive point of view. These are the types of partners that will minimise future problems, help with scalability, and most importantly improve your profitability

School, College or University?

We also provide IT support for a number of schools and education institutions across Wiltshire and Hampshire. Check out our specialist division.