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Business Telephone Systems In Swindon

Across Swindon, thousands of business calls are taken every day. As more organisations switch to hosted business telephone systems, it’s easy to get left behind. Having a modern and flexible phone system helps to keep your business connected to its customers, so they receive the service they deserve, every time. 

At Excalibur, we offer a range of business telephone systems, to keep your business connected to its customers. Whether your staff are fully remote, hybrid, or office-based, we provide a telephone solution that meets your needs.

As a Swindon-based business, we understand the unique challenges that are presented in Wiltshire and the South West. Add to this, an array of of hosted telephony solutions, and choosing the right one for your business can be difficult. Excalibur help explain the options available to your business at no cost.

  • Fully integrated phone systems
  • Cheaper compared to analogue
  • Handy data dashboards to track usage
  • Technology ready for the future
  • Make and receive calls from anywhere
  • Seamless experience
  • Boosted customer satisfaction
  • All controlled in one dashboard
  • Easy to scale
  • Free internal calls to keep you connected

Our Cloud-based Swindon Business Telephony Services

Phone headsets displayed on a desk, attached to a hosted business phone system.

Hosted Telephony

With hosted telephony, you get excellent internal and external communication capabilities. Whether you’re a remote team or all in the office, a hosted telephony solution keeps you connected to each other and to customers.

An employee makes a business call on their mobile phone, utilising SIP trunking technology.

SIP Trunking

As the PTSN network gets switched off, businesses need to pivot to modern technologies. SIP trunking uses your existing internet connection to set up a phone line, making it easy to take calls from anywhere.

A man holds a document and talks on the phone, sitting at desk

Vodafone One Net

As a long-standing Vodafone partner, we are proud to recommend One Net to all our customers. Vodafone One Net is a call management solution that connects your landline, desktop, laptops and tablets into one cohesive system.

Looking To Move Away from ISDN?

A business employee speaks on an office phone, via a hosted telephony system.
You Need to Switch from ISDN before 2025

ISDN lines will phase out in 2025, and to enable continuity of service, all businesses in Swindon will need to move to hosted business telephone systems.

There are a number of alternative solutions available, and as a fellow Swindon-based business, we can help you select the best telephony option for your business.

What is Hosted Telephony?

Hosted telephony refers to phone lines that use internet connections instead of traditional copper wires. Hosted telephony uses Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to transmit data.

As the internet infrastructure across the UK upgrades, VoIP solutions are becoming even more reliable and cost-effective, as well as less resource intensive to maintain. Hosted telephony also creates better options for remote workers to connect to the main business phone line.

What are the Benefits of Hosted Telephony?

One of the main benefits of hosted telephony is the ability to take calls from anywhere, without the need for a clunky desktop phone.

Exceptionally clear audio quality, minimised call dropping, and unified communications improve staff productivity and also general customer satisfaction.

Your organisation’s entire communications can be managed easily through a simple-to-use interface. Cloud-based solutions are highly scalable – changes can be made to multiple sites, countries, and individual users through one portal.

Why not speak to our solutions specialist?

Give Mark a call on 01793438888 or email him at

Mark Holmes, Key Account Manager, Excalibur Communications, Swindon.

Mark Holmes

20+ years working with SMEs
to optimise their business communications.

Frequently asked questions

An employee talks on a headset via a cloud-based business telephone system.
For more information, contact us at any time at:
Are cloud-based phone services secure?

Yes, security is configured at both the end user and the system end. Excalibur will set your phone system up to be secure, as well as train your team to maintain that security. As upgrades can be done remotely, you are protected from new vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered.

Can I keep the same phone number if I move to the cloud?

Yes. When you move to cloud telephone systems you will get the option to port your current number over with you. This means your telephone calls can be routed to anywhere you have an internet connection, so your customers will always trust that they’re speaking to the right organisation.

What features do cloud-based phones have?

When compared to analogue systems, hosted telephony offers a range of additional features:

 ✓  Extension dialling
Auto attendants
Video Conferencing
Call recording
Call routing
Built in Disaster Recovery

expert Business Telephone Services in Swindon

With Excalibur HQ based in the heart of Swindon, your telephony support is always just around the corner.

Check us out on the map.

Why Choose Excalibur for Business Telephone Systems?

Support driven

With a ratio of 4 support staff to 1 sales team member, there’s always someone at the end of the line to help.

We never oversell our services and ensure we develop our company to help support yours.

Expert-led service

By partnering with industry-leading software providers, we are able to upskill our staff and provide our customers with access to the best programmes with support to back it up.

Trained staff

We invest over 1000 hours annually into staff training, whether that’s internal upskilling or industry conferences. And, that doesn’t just apply to senior management, front line staff get the same investment.

What our clients say about us 

With many Swindon businesses already choosing to work with us, from pubs to large corporates, we are well-equipped to support you too.

So responsive, positive and helpful. Really going above and beyond.

Thank you for such wonderful IT Support.

Henry Marshall | Park House School

I am finding Laura at Excalibur a breath of fresh air, nothing too much trouble and only too pleased to try and help. In the short space of time I have had contact with her she’s managed to sort out a few of Middletons’ ongoing problems and not a whiff of using COVID-19 as an excuse not to try and help. Please pass on our thanks for all the work she is doing for us – long may it continue.

Karen Seymour | Middletons Solicitors

I really appreciate the way Charlotte at Excalibur took time to understand the specific needs I have from my mobile contract and found a way to achieve this, despite Vodafone’s tariffs. I have already passed her details onto a colleague and will be happy to recommend to others.

Katherine Woods | Meeting Magic

We have recommended Excalibur to other councils and will continue to do so. A definite 9 and almost a 10! Recently, Laura helped my understanding of Microsoft Teams. She helped steer me through it as a novice ready for our Council to use it for virtual meetings. No question was a stupid question and she patiently talked me through it. She is always professional and helpful in her dealings with my team right from advising on new systems through to follow-up on queries.

Shelley Parker | Marlborough Town Council

10/10 – I have been using Excalibur since it started in Swindon centre – I have one particularly good memory which has kept me with them ever since. I would, and do, always recommend Excalibur. And thank you to Amy for her supreme effort and excellent communication during lockdown.

MLL | Heritage Consultants Limited

Very easy to deal with, a keen price and excellent and efficient service to boot. Can’t be faulted.

Mike Crabb | John M Carter Ltd.

Need Help Choosing A Business Telephone System?

Choosing the right telephone solution is important. Speak to one of our experts about the features you need and the challenges you’re facing. We’ll be able to recommend a solution which can save money and improve your business’s operational capabilities.