“‘We wanted to invest in a new network and benefit from the latest technologies. Being mobile is a key part of our industry and we have the ability to be able to respond to requests regardless of where we are. Microsoft Office 365 gives us this flexibility but also improved disaster recovery with our email being hosted in the cloud.”

Andy Langley – Managing Director

Kingstons Estate Agents

Kingstons Estate Agents

What do they do?

Kingstons Estate Agents are a Wiltshire-based estate agents with offices in Bradford on Avon, Melksham and Trowbridge. The company have a number of staff who work in the office and on the road.

The company were battling daily with legacy hardware, software that was out of support and an infrastructure that was unreliable and just not up to current demands. The result was frequent outages, substandard productivity and entirely avoidable delays.

How did Excalibur help?

Excalibur implemented Microsoft Windows Small Business Essentials Server 2011 to support back office functions and Office 365 across the board. New hardware was also introduced, including desktops and servers. Rather than expend a large amount of capital all at once, all hardware is leased.

Excalibur also provides IT support for all aspects of the new solution, ensuring full cover of every aspect of the company’s IT infrastructure.

How do Kingston Estate Agents operate now?

New desktops and servers running up to date applications has an obvious impact on productivity. There is also a security benefit too, with all software currently supported and secured with updates and patches. Office 365 allows staff to remain productive on the road and always be up to date. Both clients and the company benefits from these changes.

The new arrangements now takes focus away from managing systems and allows Kingstons Estate Agents to look outwards once more and provide excellent levels of service to their community.

“‘We have worked with the Project Lead for a number of years and have complete confidence in his and Excalibur’s ability to undertake such work and to continue to support us. We pride ourselves on being forward thinking and this new solution ensures we remain at the forefront of technology.’” 

Andy Langley – Managing Director