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With traditional voice services such as standard landline systems coming to an end, many businesses will […]
Abstract glowing polygonal on starry sky background. Idea and future concept. 3D Rendering
At Excalibur we’re prepared for 2022 and have a clear idea of what the new year […]
pile of mobile phones
Choosing the right mobile devices or phones for your company can be a difficult decision. There […]
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The UK’s old-fashioned, copper-based telephone and broadband infrastructure is officially being retired by BT in December […]
You’ve heard about 3G. You’re currently using 4G and possibly 5G depending on who your network […]
The end of the landline has been predicted for over a decade but has yet to […]
Broadband options for rural businesses The typical business broadband connection will include fixed line broadband, mobile […]
Fewer things are more frustrating than slow connectivity. Are you aware of the impact it could […]
The need for speed Demand for faster connectivity is higher than ever. Large volumes of data, video […]
Excalibur are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership agreement with CityFibre, to provide ultrafast, full fibre […]