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Samsung devices for business

Samsung devices are specifically designed to manage the everyday demands of both business and personal life.

Samsung’s mobiles, laptops and tablets, allow you to seamlessly merge between the two worlds with price points suitable for all business sizes. Other advantages are gorilla glass, long life batteries, fast wireless charging and a 24-month warranty to name a few.

Samsung also have easily accessible and innovative service centres plus Microsoft Office and Samsung KNOX to keep your data completely secure. With so much to offer, Samsung is the perfect choice for business devices.

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Apple devices for business

Apple iPad and iPhone are intuitive, engaging and powerful tools for business. With innovative hardware, software and services that deliver an amazing user experience, Apple empowers today’s modern workforce to do something truly great.

Apple is the premium choice for business, with a 12 month warranty and a range of colours and specifications. Talk to us today about using Apple devices in your business.

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Need something indestructible?

Dust proof, water proof, drop proof. These come as standard on all ruggedised devices, but it’s always good to have a bit extra. We have a full range that include…IP ratings for shock, sand and temperature (from -40 to +80 degrees), touch screen even with gloves, photo and video under water and thermal imagery.

CAT, Samsung, LG and JCB all have rugged devices – you just need to determine which is best for you.

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Mobile isn’t just about phones

Whilst it’s true that mobiles are capable of delivering excellent working potential, they aren’t ideal for use every day. A small screen, limited app functionality and battery life are just a few of the issues that come up.

So, where do you start?  Well it depends on what you need your device to do. Usage, screen size, processing speed, even weight are all things to be considered. You could try a tablet with a keyboard for a laptop- like feel or use Microsoft Continuum to save space when you travel. We have many options for you to try at Excalibur so let us figure it out for you.

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Come along to our Discovery Day

What technology is available to me?

It's a question we get asked a lot so we designed our Discovery Days for you to come and find out. Visit Excalibur HQ and we'll show you the solutions that will transform your business.

We run them throughout the year so just choose a date that suits you.