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With traditional voice services such as standard landline systems coming to an end, many businesses will […]
The end of the landline has been predicted for over a decade but has yet to […]
Convergence is a word we hear a lot at Excalibur and within the technology industry as […]
Regardless of the industry you are in, the fixed telephony solution you choose will end up […]
We have all had those moments when we call a company only to be met with […]
We hear claims all the time about how one technology is going to change the way […]
When our mobile contracts come up for renewal, there is usually an inordinate amount of research […]
One of the primary advantages of fixed lines is that once installed, they simply stay out […]
iphone with locked screen
Regular readers will already know that Excalibur is a strong advocate of fixed line telephony. Even […]
A couple of weeks ago we discussed how wired networks still had relevance in the wireless […]