When our mobile contracts come up for renewal, there is usually an inordinate amount of research that goes on to maximise savings and ensure secure communications for your business. Do you do the same for your fixed lines? The vast majority of businesses don’t and we think that is a mistake.

We think fixed line contracts should be treated just like your mobile contracts. They should be regularly assessed for value and reliability and compared to the competition to see how your current arrangement stacks up. Considering how important internet access and telephony is to a business, we think it’s essential.

Changing to a new mobile contract can often mean new handsets, new tablets and lots of new toys to play with. While changing your fixed lines won’t have those benefits, it has plenty of others. We covered some of these last week when we asked when you last reviewed your fixed line needs, but they are equally valid here too.

Cost savings – Any contract review usually has cost as the centre of any assessment. Then comes reliability, features and benefits. A contract review is the ideal time to see what deals are around and extract maximum value out of your vendor of choice. The fixed line market is as competitive as the mobile market so there are a lot of incentives around to benefit from.

Technological changes – Network upgrades, new FTTC circuits, new routers and new networking technologies are just some of the tech changes that may have been introduced since you last reviewed your fixed line needs. You may find that you can get serious advantage out of one or more of these.

Better support or SLAs – With competition so stiff in the fixed line communications market, many vendors are offering more support, 24/7 monitoring and some serious SLAs as value-add features to win your business, many of these features have a clear benefit

Regularly reviewing your fixed line needs every time your contract is up for renewal doesn’t have to be a time sink. Excalibur can do all the hard work for you. We can assess how your current contract stacks up to the competition, assess new features and technology to see if your business can benefit from them and do all of the legwork for you.

We are a Vodafone Platinum Partner and have relationships with hundreds of other leading vendors so we can deliver value, reliability and service in one. All while delivering the best value to your business. If that isn’t a good reason to treat fixed line contracts as you do your mobile contracts, we don’t know what is!

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