Regardless of the industry you are in, the fixed telephony solution you choose will end up being the lifeline of your company. It is what connects you to prospective customers, and what allows you to maintain daily business operations with existing ones. Choosing a fixed telephony provider is by no means a straightforward decision to make and is something you should decide on carefully. To help you make the right decision, here are 9 mistakes you can make with your fixed telephony system.

Paying too much

Paying too much for your fixed telephony service is clearly something that no business wants to do. You should properly understand the telephony market and the technology your business needs before agreeing on a deal.

Focusing too much on how much you’re paying

On the flip side of this, you should never focus simply on price. You should expect to pay a fair price for a good quality telephony solution that includes desirable features. It is not worth sacrificing customer service quality for price.

Not properly assessing your needs

Telephony services can offer many different features which can quite easily get complicated.  You need to first think about exactly what your company requires. Only after doing this should you start looking for potential suppliers.

Failing to think about your customer’s experience

As well as thinking about your company needs, you should also think about those of your customers. What sorts of features will they expect to find? Such as call rerouting or the ability to have a receptionist answering calls.

Not searching around properly

Finding the best solution for both you and your customers can only be achieved by understanding the market. Take time to research as many different suppliers as possible, instead of just a few.

Failing to properly plan ahead

Where your company is at now is not necessarily where it will be in the near future. Your telephony solution should take into account your needs in 3 years, 1 year and 6 months from now, especially if you are in a stage of rapid growth.

Signing up to long term contracts

Even if you do plan ahead for 3 to 5 years, you still don’t know exactly what will happen. Any external factors could affect the demand you need and you don’t want to be tied down to one solution for too long.

Not looking for company reviews

Just because a company says they are a great provider it doesn’t necessarily mean they are. As with when you purchase anything, you should first vet the company for real reviews and testimonials.

Going with a provider you have for your home

One of the most amateur mistakes you can make with your fixed telephony system is going with the same provider you have in your home. The needs of your business are significantly different, and the service you purchase should reflect that.

As you can see, it is imperative that you first assess the needs of your company and then take your time finding the right supplier. You want to choose a company who offers an outstanding service at flexible rates and who have trusted, proven testimonials. That’s where Excalibur comes in. Our fixed telephony systems are incredibly flexible and can be tailored to the exact needs of your business. Better yet, your designated company representative will be on hand all week in case anything does go wrong. Find out more about our fixed telephony service here.



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