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Our experience has shown that many businesses don’t review their business phone line rental and call charges as often as other business costs. When we take a look at their bills, we often discover that they have been overpaying for 3-5 years.

At Excalibur we offer a competitive range of line rental & call tariffs which we tailor to your usage. Suitable for all businesses, we look to lower your costs without reducing call quality or flexibility. Plus we promise not to commit you to the 5 year contracts our competitors insist on.

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Why choose Vodafone One Net?

Vodafone owns it’s fixed and mobile infrastructure and as a result they are able to offer a fully integrated, premium quality communications service in Vodafone One Net. This allows you to offer a better customer experience and boost staff productivity – paving the way to cost-savings.

Perfect for small and medium-sized businesses and with an Opex payment method, Vodafone One Net Business is a secure cloud-based phone system. It seamlessly joins up your landline and mobile communications – meaning you can work better, from anywhere, using any device.

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Why choose Gamma Horizon?

Horizon is a fully-featured, business-grade hosted telephone system that is easy to self-configure, requires no maintenance and takes the burden away from your IT team.

Throughout the years Horizon has consistently proven itself as a cost effective, reliable and accessible approach to telephony and communications.

Suitable for any size of business, Horizon has minimal capital outlay, supports multi-sites, home working, advanced management reporting and wall board integration.

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Why choose an LG PBX Telephony Solution?

If it is a more traditional, on-site telephone system you are looking for, LG-Ericsson is the product for you. It’s the most feature rich, flexible, future proof and cost effective on-site solution on the market.

Taking advantage of SiP trunks to reduce your line rental and call costs the system allows complete flexibility.

You can adjust the number of concurrent calls handled, move desk phones around the office, utilise your existing internal infrastructure (such as CAT 5 cabling and existing connectivity) and call centre functionality.

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Why are Excalibur different?

At Excalibur, we understand that every company is different. Be it a SOHO, small/medium business or a large enterprise, our solutions will meet your individual requirements.  We are a trusted partner to our loyal customer base which means they regularly recommend us to their other businesses.

So how do we help?

We partner with businesses who want to harness the latest in technology to improve customer experience and enhance employee engagement. In doing this, there are obvious gains to be had in both growth and profitability.

Every business wants to understand which solutions are right for them – when to invest, how to keep it secure and ensure the benefits are maximised. At Excalibur we complete a thorough understanding of your business before making recommendations and forming a plan on how best to achieve your objectives.

Why are Excalibur different?

Most businesses place the focus on choosing a supplier but sometimes forget about the challenges switching services can present. Its takes extensive resource, admin and organisation not to mentions shipping to multiple locations, organising the “go live” and what happens when something goes wrong.

So how do we help?

Every customer is allocated a dedicated Provisioning Advisor to manage the “go-live” process.  They take all the work away from you, dealing with everything from contracts and setting up cost centres to the actual go live day itself. Making sure the process runs smoothly.

If you are a larger business you’ll be allocated a Prince II Project Manager who will build a “Go Live” project plan allocating actions and delivery dates. The Project Manager will work closely with your Provisioning Advisor, to provide regular updates, progress reports and on-site support if required. Ultimately, the “go live” disruption to your business will be minimal. In fact some of our customers have told us that staff didn’t even notice!


Why are Excalibur different?

At Excalibur we have 4 support staff to every 1 person in the sales team. Put simply, it’s this service that sets us apart from our competitors.  We’re a ‘Sunday Times Top 100’ business which means we attract the best talent in the industry. Our clients are looked after by people who are best in class, passionate and motivated to ensure all Excalibur customers receive an unrivalled service.

So how do we help?

We’ve invested in developing an end-to-end SalesForce solution that provides our customers with a thorough support process. Our focus on clear and efficient process helped us secure our ISO 9001 2015 accreditation. We consistently monitor, measure and adapt to deliver the Service Level Agreements promised to our customers.

Our team deliver the highest level of service, regardless of who you speak to the experience will always be a good one. The idea is that we take the pain points away, leaving you to get on with your job.


Why are Excalibur different?

Every Excalibur customer has an Account Manager to look after them. Although you’ll speak to our Customer Services team on a day to day basis, the Account Manager will have overall responsibility for your services. They will ensure the smooth running of your account, regular reviews and delivery.

So how do we help?

We focus on adding value and regularly going above and beyond for our clients, not just for products and services either. You’ll have  review meetings with your account manager and in-depth analysis. Managing time and monitoring costs come as standard along with access to new technologies as they come to market via our Discovery Days.

If you’re doing anything for charity or the local community too, let us know and we’ll be happy to get involved.




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