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Fixed Calls and Line Rental – SIP

Combine fixed line telephony with VoIP phones

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) combines fixed line voice telephony services with VoIP phones. It utilises your existing Ethernet network and business broadband or fibre connection and adds a voice layer that provides all the traditional telecommunications services your business needs.

The benefits of SIP telecommunications are huge. They can include:

  • Lower running costs as you need no line rental.
  • Flexibility to quickly scale up or down as your business requires.
  • Fully digital internet telephony that does not depend on the PSTN network.
  • Utilises your existing data network.
  • Traditional call handling features all work with SIP.
  • Provides the foundations for Unified Communications.


How does SIP work?

Essentially, SIP trunking adds a voice layer to your existing data network. Using QoS, this voice traffic is prioritised so no matter how busy your network gets, voice calls will always connect. SIP is an open protocol which means it works with the widest selection of telephone and network hardware.

When calling out of your premises, SIP will either continue using your data connection or route through an existing PBX if you have one. It can be tailored specifically to deliver the services you need.

  • Personalised business call packages based on your usage.
  • Free access to our UK-based helpdesk.
  • Low cost, reliable business line rental
  • Competitive UK, international and mobile call plans.
  • Inclusive features such as 1471, answerphone, call waiting and others.

Here at Excalibur, we don’t believe in a one size fits all approach. We tailor all of our services to your particular needs. We use an independent traffic analyser to assess your call usage over a period of time to assess your requirements. We combine this with any future growth plans you may have and deliver a business call tariff that delivers what you need at the lowest price possible.


Future proof

The current PSTN network is being phased out from 2025. All businesses will need to switch to an IP telephony system by that date to ensure they are ready for the switch. Excalibur can help you every step of the way.

Lower costs
As the fixed line runs off the internet, your running costs will be a lot cheaper as you won't need to pay any line rental costs. All you need to ensure is your connectivity is up to speed.

Why choose Excalibur

Choose Excalibur for your communications and not only will we make installation easy, we'll provide expert support along the way

Regular account reviews

We can perform regular account reviews to assess your usage and future needs on a schedule to suit you. Reviews can highlight potential cash savings or benefits of extra services.

Expert support

Our in-house team of specialist support technicians are on hand to help with any issue you may have with your phone, service or contract.

Great deals

Excalibur has access to a range of amazing deals with our partners. We can offer prices and features not always available elsewhere.