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Vodafone One Net Business

Unify all your business communications

One Net Business is a complete cloud-based unified communications solution from Vodafone business. It brings together fixed lines, mobile devices and desktops into one ecosystem that can handle all of your business communications needs.

Vodafone One Net Business is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses who need to be lean and agile. Landline calls can be answered by desk phones or by mobiles from anywhere in the country. Files can be sent from desktop to tablet, to mobile seamlessly and customer calls are always answered regardless of who is in the office.

With Vodafone One Net Business you really can be everywhere at once!

Vodafone One Net Business enables you to:

  • Integrate landlines, mobiles, desktops, tablets and any device into a single telecommunications network.
  • Route calls to any device, anywhere.
  • Provide PBX features from the cloud, including voicemail and intelligent call delivery.
  • Integrate with Office 365 and other productivity apps.
  • Manage everything from a single Vodafone One Net Portal.

Vodafone One Net Business is ideal for companies with ten or more employees and suitable for any industry and business type. You don’t need to have a call centre to deliver the experience of one.

Vodafone One Net Business enables the SMB to provide a true contact centre experience regardless of their size and scope. All at a much lower cost than you might think. Bring desk phones, mobiles, PCs and tablets together into a single, low cost solution that delivers the quality of service your customers expect.


Inbound call features

One Net Business allows you to manage inbound calls easier, features such as call forwarding, intelligent delivery, swift transfers, queuing and hold music. This all makes the experience for the customer better.

Online portal

Vodafone One Net Business comes with an online portal which allows the manager to make fast changes on the fly. From the portal you can change ring groups, call forwarding and much more. Any change on the portal applies instantly meaning you can make reactive changes for any unforeseen circumstances i.e. office closing due to snow.

Access from anywhere
Wherever work takes you, you'll be able to access call logs, voicemails, files and data from any device at any time. This means that you can easily manage a call out team whether you're at home or on the train.

Why choose Excalibur

Choose Excalibur to provide your Vodafone One Net and we ensure a swift and easy installation as well as expert support along the way

Regular account reviews

We can perform regular account reviews to assess your usage and future needs on a schedule to suit you. Reviews can highlight potential cash savings or benefits of extra services.

Expert support

Our in-house team of specialist support technicians are on hand to help with any issue you may have with your phone, service or contract. This is in addition to Vodafone’s own support.

Great deals

As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, Excalibur has access to a range of amazing deals on Vodafone business plans. We can offer prices and features not always available elsewhere.