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Bespoke IT consultancy

As every organisation is unique, so are the questions and challenges you face. As an industry-leader in IT solutions, Excalibur is ideally placed to deliver high specification bespoke consultancy services that deliver the data you need to make strategic decisions.

Typical questions our IT consultants are asked to address include:

  • What technology should I invest in and when?
  • How do I keep company data safe?
  • How do I create an IT policy?
  • How do we create a technology culture?
  • How do we implement cultural change?
  • How do I build these costs into a long term budget process?

IT consulting services

We have developed a strong, robust process that can answer those kinds of questions in a quantitative and actionable way. The process works something like this:

Discovery. We have a review meeting to discuss the questions you want answered. We gain an understanding of your business, your current position and long term goals.

Strategy. We device a strategy to answer your questions and design a plan to acquire the data we need.

Action. We undertake the actions necessary to answer those questions including auditing, assessments and data gathering.

Review. We present a report of our findings with answers to those questions and an actionable roadmap for delivering on your stated goals.

Excalibur’s IT consultants are experts at managing bespoke and ongoing IT consultancy for businesses of all shapes and sizes. From providing advice on the IT necessary for launching a business to business transformations or strategy, we can help.

We deliver manufacturer-agnostic, impartial consultancy services. We are not tied to any supplier and will always recommend the best solution for your needs. We use our expertise to recommend best-in-class solutions to address your specific questions and deliver on your strategic goals.

Whatever your question, whatever your ambition, IT consulting services from Excalibur can deliver the answers!

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