We are very proud to have been presented with a bespoke ‘Covid Medal’ by Stephen Trowbridge, CEO of First City Nursing & Care. The medal recognises Excalibur’s support to the business throughout the Covid-19 pandemic.

First City Nursing is a homecare and nursing services provider to the health and social care sector in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.  Excalibur played an important role in maintaining and running the company’s IT, mobile and telephone systems throughout a very challenging and busy period. Our contribution helped Stephen and his team to deliver essential levels of care to his service users throughout the pandemic.  In a letter to Excalibur, Trowbridge explains;

“Every single colleague has played a part, whether working directly with customers, or keeping all the functions of the business going.

There have been countless tales of self-sacrifice, many additional hours and days worked, and hundreds of actions of kindness towards customers, families as well as others. We hope this medal award will give you a lasting legacy of the difference you have made, and that you will reflect back on this period and be incredibly proud of your contribution.”

Stephen himself has been awarded an MBE, for his accomplished response to the pandemic. The award recognises outstanding service to the community.

Darren Harper, Excalibur Sales Director, speaking about the medal said;

“It’s really great to be recognised for the work Excalibur put in to keep First City fully operational throughout Covid. We all had to adapt during the pandemic to make sure essentials services like this, and the Air Ambulance were available 24/7. The work we do in this sector highlights that what we do often goes beyond computers and telephones, ensuring that we are able to adapt as new operational challenges emerge. We like to do our bit to exceed customer expectations and we’re prepared to go above and beyond to make sure this happens.”

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