We have had a few days to play with iOS 9 and we must say that welike it. For once you don’t need a new iPhone to use it as it support legacy devices. The download is also smaller and the system as a whole more stable. As well as general improvements, there are a few pretty awesome things in iOS 9.

Smarter Siri

Not only does Siri look a little better, she also operates more intelligently. One small but quite significant improvement is the understanding of “it” and context. For example, ask Siri to remind you about “it” and she will see what you have open and match it contextually with “it.”

Settings search

Another small but significant improvement is the ability to search through settings. Rather than hunting through menus for an obscure setting, you can now use the search to find it much faster.

Zoom for video

We seem to devour a lot of YouTube on our iPhones and the ability to zoom into one that’s playing is a neat trick. Pinch to zoom and you get to see more than usual when watching video.

Website as PDF

This is proving very handy as a research tool. The ability to save a webpage as a .pdf has real potential for productivity and research. Select Share while on a page and then Save PDF to iBooks.

iCloud Drive app

You do have to look for it, but the iCloud Drive app is present in iOS 9. Access Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive and then select Show on Home Screen to make it easier to use.

Battery overview

Finally catching up with Android, iOS 9 has more battery information than previous iOS. Go to Settings > Battery to see what’s using the battery and access Low Power Mode if you need to.

App switcher

The new look to the app switcher is another small but useful upgrade. Rather than the fan view of before, you now get a deck view. It makes navigating and selecting much easier.

Selfie folder

iOS 9 now provides a dedicated folder for your selfies. Access the Photos app and you will see a folder called Selfies. Some will find this more useful than others…

Those are just some of the improvements we love about iOS 9. Some have real business potential while others just make living with iDevices easier. We like them all!

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