Investing in cloud computing can ease workloads of ICT staff, it has been claimed.

Representatives from ICT recruitment company Randstad Technologies have urged the various firms trying to do more with fewer staff members to investigate how cloud computing could benefit their business. In a recent interview with, managing director Mike Beresford explained: “Companies have increasingly been looking at cloud based systems as a way of brining down their infrastructure costs, but with IT employees working harder than ever, these systems are also seen as a way to reduce workloads. “With the implementation of cloud-based systems, the time IT employees spend maintaining hardware environments can be substantially reduced, freeing up their time for other responsibilities.”

Beresford aired his opinions alongside the release of a new Randstad survey, which suggested that IT professionals are fitting around 7.5 working days into the working week. Many firms utilise PC support services in order to ease this workload, but it would appear not all are familiar with the benefits that cloud computing can provide.

According to, 26 per cent of IT workers claimed that their employer should hire a part-time worker to help share their workload. Fourteen per cent said it would take two members of staff to complete their tasks efficiently. Many IT departments have been forced to make redundancies to make ends meet in the current economic climate. Through the systems where cloud computing can ease workloads, cloud-based systems could boost your business.

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