Vodafone Sure Signal is a device plugs into a wall socket and into a broadband router. Sure Signal works by routing mobile calls over your internet connection to the destination. As long as your broadband is reliable, you’ll get a signal.All you have to do to set it up is register the product on Vodafone’s website and add the numbers you’re allowing to use it. Sure Signal then acts as a mini signal booster for your home or office, providing full bars no matter where you might be. Once up and running, Sure Signal is treated as a 3G transmitter by mobiles on the Vodafone network. It has a range of around 30 metres and a pass-through plug socket so you don’t lose an outlet.You can connect up to 32 phones to a single Sure Signal unit and use up to 8 Sure Signal devices in one location. If you need more, Vodafone Sure Signal Premium is here to help. The premium service is designed for larger businesses with 320 employees or more.

The Sure Signal device has changed since its first iteration. Gone is the functional router-like box and here is a small unit that looks like a timer switch. It plugs into the wall and has three clear indicators to tell you it’s working, connected and has a signal.Overall, it’s a neat little device that stops you having to walk around a room trying to squeeze an extra bar out of your phone or hang out of a window to get a signal. Good For Who? If you live somewhere with less than full coverage, this device is excellent. It provides a reliable network anywhere in the average home or office and ensures you can always get a signal in just about any building. Speak to Excalibur about getting Sure Signal today!

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