Education Discovery Day

We’re bringing our Technology Discovery Day to the Education sector to provide teachers and leadership teams the chance to discover what’s in store for the future of the classroom. Be it virtual reality school trips, 3D printers and drones or online security threats facing students, technology is vital to the classroom of the future.

At the event we’ll be covering a range of different solutions with practical demonstrations to ensure attendees can see firsthand the benefits of introducing the technology to the classroom. The event will last around 2 hours, read below to see what we’ll be covering at the event.

Office 365 Classroom Software

We’ll be displaying the practical uses for some of Microsoft’s most intuitive classroom software. This includes Microsoft Team, Microsoft One Note and Skype for Business. These software’s may sound familiar however we’ll be able to demonstrate certain features that you didn’t know were possible, such as virtual field trips through Skype for Business, Teachers delivering lesson content seamlessly through Microsoft Team and more.


GDPR is approaching and will come around sooner than you think, unfortunately it applies to schools too so it’s vital that you stay updated with key information to avoid any hefty fines. As a IT Solutions company we can provide expert advice as to how your school can stay compliant with new data protection rules.

Cyber Security

As time progresses, potential harmful software gets more and more intelligent making it difficult to stay safe. At Excalibur our IT specialists keep up to date with the latest malware tricks so you don’t have to. We’ll advise of you the current threats to schools, students and staff and how to prevent them to ensure that you’re safe from these dangers when using computers.

Microsoft School Initiatives

Teachers attending can also learn about how Excalibur can support them in gaining prestigious Microsoft qualifications or finding teaching resources to further enhance their knowledge. As a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP), we’re positioned perfectly to demonstrate our commitment and specialism in the academic IT marketplace.

Virtual Reality

We’ll have a Virtual Reality headset on hand to allow teachers to witness first hand the excitement and ability of learning through a virtual world. From exploring the Pyramids in Egypt, to venturing through Antarctica, the headset can truly engage and inspire students from the comfort of the classroom.

To book a space or to find out more, simply submit the below form and we’ll get back to you.


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