One of the most common concerns we hear from businesses considering a move to the cloud is one of control. Losing control of data being chief among them. Given the contemporary operating environment and the prevalence of hacking, data theft and loss, nobody can blame you for wondering how safe your data is in the cloud.

However, many of those worries are unfounded. The main concerns around control of company data

The traditional on-premise model offered comfort in the fact that everything was within your building and within your control. Regardless of whether it was fit for purpose or truly secure, you felt safe because you were in control. Hand all that over to a third party located elsewhere and that feeling of security disappears.

Common concerns we hear are:

  • How do you know your data is secure?
  • How many people other than employees can access it?
  • How much can you influence the security of the data you’re responsible for?
  • Is the data secure when being moved?
  • How do you ensure you are being compliant?

All are legitimate concerns and to be honest, they are concerns every SMB should be having as they consider cloud computing. As legitimate as they are, they should not stop you moving towards a more efficient future.

How you can retain control of company data

As we have said before, by working with a quality IT partner who uses the best cloud providers in the business, you can benefit from some of the most secure operating environments possible.

The cloud vendors Excalibur works with have better security, higher levels of service, better infrastructure and more redundant systems than most businesses could ever hope to afford. Compliance tends to come as part of the package, but we make extra sure that all needs are met, even for tightly regulated industries.

So that’s the security angle taken care of.

Working in the cloud doesn’t mean just handing over your company data and letting someone else take care of it. It can mean using a highly customised solution built around the limits you set. That includes the security and control you need to work comfortably. If you’re not comfortable using the public cloud, use the private cloud. If neither fit the bill perfectly, use a hybrid solution. We can help with all of them.

Private cloud solutions provide a totally secure environment where only you have access to the data. You benefit from all the advantages of cloud computing with the knowledge that your data is completely secure. By integrating secure networking, we can ensure your data is safe during transmission too.

With every business case we have been asked to make regarding cloud computing, it wins every time. It is very cost effective, a very efficient use of resources and allows access to infrastructure most small businesses could only dream of. All for much, much less than you might think. If you’re considering moving to the cloud, why not talk to one of our experts? We’re here to help! Call 01793 744286

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