As a consistent supporter of good causes we have pledged our commitment in time, resources and money in 2017 to the Swindon-based Younite Foundation, which helps disadvantaged children and young people under the age of 21. By supporting Younite, not only can we aid the lives of  disadvantaged young people, but we can also benefit and encourage local charity growth, which is a vital part to a good community.

“We’d never discourage businesses from helping charities with donations”, said Excalibur’s CEO James Phipps, “but by supporting Younite in many more ways than just writing a cheque, we will ensure, very importantly, that every penny raised goes direct to the young people it is doing such great work with”.

He added:  “It is so vital that we give young people hope and also the opportunity to develop themselves.  Our work supporting Younite will also help with children they assist in projects overseas. We want to give the Younite Foundation every opportunity to make a positive impact with young people and the most vulnerable”.

Fiona Simpson, Director and Outreach Coordinator for the Younite Foundation, continued:  “Excalibur already helped us a great deal in 2016 so it is wonderful to be working them this year.  They are very generously providing valuable time and resources, which will cover all our costs and get all funds raised direct to those who need them most.

“Too many young people simply don’t have the platform to achieve and contribute to society as a whole. As a foundation we look to redress this balance – and with Excalibur’s help, which isn’t purely financial, we can help individuals make a full and positive contribution to their community”.

If you or your company would like to help raise funds for Younite, click here and we will send you an information pack.


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