If you’re looking to upgrade your productivity suite and are wondering whether to try this Software as a Service or not, these top Office 365 benefits have you in mind. We have used Office 365 since release and can attest to its flexibility, power and productivity. All things business look for in a new product.

If you’re not sure whether it is for you, here are the ten top Office 365 benefits of using it for your business.

1. No upfront cost

Office 365 is provided as a SaaS solution so there is no upfront cost in terms of licensing or hardware requirements. As long as you have internet enabled devices that can run it and a fast internet connection, you can use Office 365.

2. No upgrades or outages

Anyone who has used older Microsoft platforms will attest that the thought of not having to worry about licensing, upgrades and planned outages is a welcome one!

3. Access anywhere at any time

A significant bonus with any productivity software is the ability to use it where, when and how you like. Office 365 delivers all that. As it is cloud based, as long as you have an internet connection and a powerful enough device, you can be productive anywhere.

4. Mobile-ready

You can use many Office 365 function on a Windows phone, tablet and now Apple and Android devices. The experience is much the same across all of them so will need very little familiarisation.

5. Synchronisation across the board

Add a calendar entry into Outlook and it automatically syncs across mobiles, desktops and tablets. Never miss a meeting again!

6. Security

Offload server security worries to Microsoft and enjoy the ability to remote wipe your devices if they get lost or stolen.

7. No more email storage worries

Inbox size was a challenge for both users and IT admins and is something Office 365 takes care of. Current mailboxes are 50GB in size so you could store every email you have ever received and still have room for more.

8. Constantly evolving features

Office 365 may be a complete product, but it isn’t finished yet. The suite is still being actively developed with more features being planned and tested at this very moment.

9. Easy to use

If you or your team has used a Microsoft product before, you will be able to use Office 365 within an hour. It’s simple, intuitive and very easy to use. It is probably the simplest yet.

10. Industry leadership

Office 365 isn’t the only office software on the market but it is, be far, the best. It has the most features, works across any device and has the most support.

Those are just ten of the many great top Office 365 benefits for your business. Talk to us about it if you would like to know more!

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