You’ve probably heard virtual reality being discussed a lot recently in the news. The technology is still a long way from where it will eventually end up, but a number of exciting consumer applications are already available on the market. Well, have you considered virtual reality and business? Let’s take a look of where it might head.

1. Training staff

VR offers the perfect environment to help train new staff in practical, real-world situations. How about using it to boost customer service skills in a retail environment? Or perhaps to help a trainee surgeon learn a new procedure?

2. Testing new ideas

Use VR to create a test location for you to try new ideas. Perhaps you could rearrange your showroom to see how it would enhance its appeal? VR offers a cost-effective way to make major changes and test new ideas before investing lots of money.

3. Prototyping designs

The automobile industry is a great example of where VR offers tremendous capability in design prototyping. There’s no need to invest millions in a new fleet of vehicles when you could draw up 3D versions in VR and customers can interact there and then.

4. Marketing your products

If you can integrate your products into a virtual world, it offers incredibly exciting marketing opportunities. Instead of offering a 2D image of your product on a customer’s Facebook page, how about showing them a 3D model they can interact with immediately?

5. Understanding your customer

VR would be the next major step forward in helping to capture detailed customer data. It would allow you to gather information and statistics that you would otherwise be unable to access. Notably, how they react to and interact with what you offer.

6. Influencing travel

VR would allow customers to immediately travel to any exotic destination anywhere in the world. It could be used to test and see which location someone might wish to visit next. Or, if the experience is truly immersive, then it might replace physical holidays altogether.

7. Virtual shopping

Online shopping has been incredibly popular due to the inherent cost savings and convenience. However, VR would be the next major evolution in this trend as virtual shopping would allow them to try on clothes and see how they look before purchasing.

Like any new technology, the sky really is the limit. Or, more accurately, your imagination is the limit. If you have the creativity to think up new ways VR can benefit your company, then you should go for it. Especially over the next few years as the cost of headsets is thought to fall quite quickly and more specialist engineers should be entering the scene to start bringing your ideas to life.

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