After the EU banned roaming charges in December 2015, the mobile networks have adopted various strategies to convince us that dropping these charges was their own idea. One of the more successful and useful of these is the new worry-free roaming for business offering from Vodafone. Having Vodafone roaming could benefit your business hugely.

Worry-free Vodafone roaming

Worry-free roaming with Vodafone is being launched this month. It’s a simple premise, to make international communications as seamless as possible. With many British companies doing business abroad, international travel and communication is a growing overhead.

Not only does it usually entail travel expense and more expensive communications, it also requires you enable such communications within contracts or manually on devices. Vodafone’s answer is to wrap it up in a simple bundle and call it Worry-free roaming with Vodafone.

Vodafone are certainly not the only vendor to be providing such a service, but it is the only network that provides such a service on its own networks across the world. This allows Vodafone to control call quality, reliability and the security of its customers. Something other vendors will find hard to do.

The control over the networks used means Vodafone doesn’t have to rely on local or low cost providers to deliver the last mile as other vendors do. This helps guarantee clarity and call quality. It also ensures customers can enjoy the full benefits of their data allowances and do not experience data throttling.

Currently, this package of Vodafone roaming will cover 40 destinations within its Europe Zone and 58 destinations within its World Zone. Of those destinations, 77 can provide a fast 4G network which can be utilised by customers.

Open communication

If international travel and communication is important to your business, Vodafone’s business tariffs might be exactly what you need. Seamless service between countries and continents, high call quality thanks to one of the world’s most advanced networks, the inclusion of calls and data within your contract wherever you are and no need to enable international dialling every time you go away, unless you want to.

If Worry-free roaming with Vodafone sounds like something that could benefit your business, we can help. Excalibur is a Vodafone Platinum Partner and we offer the full range of business tariffs at very competitive rates. Contact us to learn more!

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