As SMB IT specialists, we spend a lot of time and resources developing security solutions that deliver the protection businesses need to survive online. If you manage a mobile workforce, we have a new service for the new year that will deliver on your security needs too.

As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, Excalibur has access to the latest services and solutions from the country’s leading network provider. One new service they are offering is called Vodafone Secure Net. This solution is designed specifically to secure mobile devices against threats. In turn, we want to offer this enhanced security solution to all our customers.

Vodafone Secure Net

Vodafone Secure Net is a cloud-based platform that keeps mobile devices safe from harm. It includes malware protection, virus scanning, phishing protection, parental controls and monitors websites for hacks or malicious code. Every current attack vector used by hackers is addressed with this solution.

It delivers:

•    Automatic protection for mobile devices using the Vodafone network

•    Cloud-based protection to take processing away from the devices

•    Protection against viruses, malware, phishing attacks.

•    Encryption for Wi-Fi connections

•    Warnings over hacked websites or compromised downloads

•    Parental protections that can be used for work too

To make it work, Vodafone Secure Net downloads a small app onto the device. It interacts with secure cloud servers to monitor all data going in or out of the device. A simple dashboard controls all device settings and can be managed locally by the user or centrally by an administrator. The app then displays a small icon in the device browser to tell users they are protected.

Vodafone Secure Net only checks for malicious code and not content so your privacy is still assured.

Protection from mobile threats

With the mobile workforce increasing steadily and an increasing reliance on mobile devices to manage all aspects of our lives, protecting these devices is becoming increasingly important. From apps to hacked websites, malware to vulnerabilities, the threats are many and require a robust solution to protect users from them.

According to the McAfee Mobile Threat report for 2016, the company detected over 37 million unique instances of mobile malware over the past 12 months. Around 9 million suspicious apps, 3 million infected mobile devices and over 1 million bad URLs. The company expects these numbers to grow as our reliance on mobile devices increases and the sophistication of these attack vectors improves.

Vodafone Secure Net is one answer to this problem. It monitors apps, web use, downloads and many aspects of mobile use and protects users from harm. It is a comprehensive defence against a growing threat. It is also available to all Excalibur mobile customers.

If you want to protect mobile devices from the worst of the current security threats, talk to one of our security experts today.

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