Windows 7 has overtaken Windows XP to become the most popular desktop operating system, reports. August figures from web tracking company Net Applications showed that Windows 7’s market share stood at 42.76 per cent, compared to Windows XP’s 42.5 per cent. For around the past year, Windows 7’s share has been rising about 1 point each month, while Windows XP has been declining at around the same rate. Vista’s share has remained stable at approximately 6 per cent over the past quarter. XP became the prominent operating system in 2003, after being releasedin 2001, according been a popular option since it hit the shelves in 2009. Microsoft introduced their new system, Windows 8, as a pre-release preview earlier this year, which currently has 0.23 per cent of the market according to Net Applications. The upcoming OS dismisses the traditional Windows interface and adopts a new ‘metro’ UI, which makes it user-friendly to both PCs and tablet, according to Microsoft currently holds 92 per cent of the desktop market overall. However, it was revealed in August that Apple’s total Mac OS user base has now overtaken that of Windows Vista, at 7.11 per cent share to Vista’s 6.1 per cent.

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