Windows 8, the next iteration of Microsoft’s massively successful operating system, has been released todevelopers under a”released to manufacturing (RTM)” version. Essentially this is the version which will everyday consumers will see once they receive their copy of Windows 8, through a Microsoft partner, or off the shelf in-store. says that the RTM version can be downloaded by TechNet and MSDN members from today, and Software Assurance customers tomorrow. October 26 marks the product’s general release date. Explaining just what comes packages in Windows 8 RTM, says that developers will be welcomed by a brief tutorial, which it describes as ‘extremely high level’. As for the “Modern UI” interface, formerly known as “Metro” but a few days ago, the publication says that the same colour combinations apply as previously seen in the Windows 8 Release Preview. There is however, an increase in the number of background images available for the Start screen. ‘The most significant alteration is the way desktop applications are presented,’ it explains.’Previously, the tiles for desktop icons were large text, paired with a small icon in the corner. This was annoying, as the text would often get cut off, and the icons were too small to be easily distinguished.’ Now however, the desktop app tiles are more similar to Metro app tiles, with big icons and small text,making them more distinguishable and eye-catching.

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