In the current climate of negative headlines and fake news, it is always nice to be able to share some good news for a change. That is what we here at Excalibur are doing today. Now that the Summer holidays are upon us, we are reminding all readers that using your mobile while abroad is cheaper than ever.

Cheaper EU Roaming
The first piece of good news is the end of roaming charges. If you are preparing for the holidays, you will be relieved to have learned that expensive roaming charges are no more. The EU law came into effect on 15th June 2017 and means the end of expensive add-ons to calling within the European Union and good news for business travellers and families.

Roaming charges have always been decried as an unwelcome tax on travel. Until last month, mobile providers would add connection (roaming) charges to calls made from outside your home country that made using your phone abroad very expensive indeed. You couldn’t use your contracted voice minutes, SMS messages and data either, unless you used a Vodafone business plan.

After the 15th June 2017, you can use your contracted allowances within the EU Zone 1 as you would at home. There are no more additional charges to connections and hopefully, no more bill shock when you get home. This is great news for businesses with staff who travel and for families who holiday in Europe.

For those who travel to Europe Zone 2, you will incur standard roaming rates, or, if you are on the relevant Vodafone tariff, you can use your UK allowances for £2.50 per day via the Business Traveller bundle.

Cheaper Business Travel until 30th September 2017
The second piece of good news is unique to Vodafone Business users. Following the EU legislation change, Vodafone customers on the Business Plus, Business Advance & Business Freedom tariffs will see a £6 per month reduction in the monthly line rental for each connection on the Traveller tariffs. In addition, customers will also receive a further 100 minutes of international minutes in their allowance.

Furthermore, Vodafone are offering a Summer Roaming Promotion which enables customers on the same tariffs to roam in Europe Zone 2 using domestic rates until 30th September 2017. Even better, you don’t have to do anything – the changes will happen automatically. You will be notified via text in the applicable country so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits.

To Summarise

  • All travellers can roam in Europe Zone 1 for the same cost as calling from home, regardless of their network
  • Vodafone customers with Business Traveller versions of the Plus, Advance and Freedom tariffs price plans:
    o Will no longer be charged a daily fee in Europe Zone 1
    o Have their allowance for international calls increased by 100 minutes
    o Will see their line rental reduced by £6 per user, per month
  • Vodafone’s Summer Roaming Promotion means that all Business Plus, Advance and Freedom customers can roam in Europe Zone 2 using domestic rates until 30th September 2017
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