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Standard IT Security Services

IT Security is essential to any business

Every business of every size and scale needs some kind of IT security. Excalibur can deliver fully tailored IT security to any business regardless of size.

Effective IT security requires a friction-less layered approach that utilises several key elements to provide robust protection. No single solution delivers effective security. Only a mesh of carefully selected solutions that combine forces to protect your network and ensure compliance will provide the privacy you need.

Excalibur IT security services can include:

  • Threat assessment and management
  • Network monitoring and testing
  • Hardware and software security solutions
  • Antivirus, malware and phishing protection
  • Security auditing and reporting

As an industry leader in IT solutions, Excalibur puts security at the centre of everything we do. From SOHO and small businesses to large enterprises, we deliver exceptional IT security that delivers the protection you need without impacting productivity.


Benefits & features

Threat assessment and management

Threat assessment is about knowing your enemy and finding your vulnerabilities. Through penetration testing, phishing expeditions and network audits, we can assess your weaknesses and design a solution to harden them.

Hardware and software security solutions

Excalibur uses a range of hardware and software security solutions that are tailored to your exact needs. We customise each solution to deliver the protection you need at a price you can afford. The solution can be scaled up as you grow and adapted as threats emerge.

Network monitoring and testing
Network monitoring watches what goes on within your network so we can react quickly should the worst happen. We can learn characteristics and behaviours to help us spot anomalies quickly. It isn’t all reactive though, proactive penetration and phishing testing uses popular hacking and scamming techniques to see how ready your business is.
Antivirus, malware and phishing protection

Antivirus, malware and phishing protection is the most basic IT security. Hosted locally on each machine or controlled from the cloud, we can utilise a range of award-winning security solutions to deliver effective protection against malicious code. Our proactive phishing testing can also help identify weaknesses before a scammer does.

Security auditing and reporting
Security auditing and reporting can help identify where your IT security is working effectively and where it needs improvement. It can also identify behaviours, popular attack vectors, emerging threats and situations where we need to harden defences.

Why choose Excalibur

Expert Support

As an industry leader in IT services, Excalibur has the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional solutions to exceptional businesses.

Work with us and benefit from our fully managed services that deliver exceptional service quality and competitive SLAs. All of our solutions are supported by our own UK-based support team that offer fast, efficient resolution to any issue you may have.