Now coming up to a decade old, Microsoft Office 2007 support is ending and it is entering end of life as far as Microsoft is concerned. With Exchange 2007 having just entered this phase of its cycle, Office will follow in October 2017. This means any business still using Exchange 2007 or Office 2007 need to upgrade and fast.

What does end of life mean?

End of life means the system will no longer receive any updates, including security or bug fixes. The systems will still work to a point but are no longer supported and will become gradually more vulnerable to bugs and exploits.

The exception being Outlook 2007 as after 31st October 2017, it will be no longer able to connect to Office 365 mailboxes. If your business uses a hybrid setup with both Office or Outlook 2007 and Office 365, they will no longer be compatible and will no longer be able to send and receive email.

After end of life, Microsoft will not offer any technical support for any issues and will not provide any security updates or bug fixes. If you use any of the applications listed on this page, you need to consider your next step.

What are your options?

To maintain productivity, you have two main options. You can elect to upgrade to an installed version of Office 2016 which has the same 10 year lifespan as most Microsoft products. You can also elect to shift to the cloud with Microsoft Office 365. This offers all the same tools and applications but is based in the cloud instead of on your own servers.

Of the two, the majority of Excalibur customers opt for Office 365. It is simple to set up, requires no dedicated servers, offers per seat licensing to keep things manageable and is constantly updated so you are always using the latest, most secure version. You don’t need an Exchange server with Office 365 either, which saves more money and lowers your running costs even further.

If migrating from Office 2007 sounds complicated or something you don’t have the time or resources to manage, we can help. As a leading IT provider to the SMB, we manage migrations daily for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our expert project team can assess, specify, manage and complete migrations to Office 365 with ease.

We will support you afterwards too with our experience service desk team. We support some of the country’s leading SMBs, offering fast, responsive technical and account support.

For a seamless transition from end of life Office or Exchange 2007, contact Excalibur today. We would be happy to help.

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