AI and the future of business

In recent years, AI (or artificial intelligence) has been a topic of discussion that has grown rapidly in popularity. New AI developments are already changing the way that individuals go about their daily lives. However, it is natural that AI will also have a tremendous effect on the way that businesses operate as well. As consumers gain access to more advanced technology, businesses can then connect themselves into this relationship and take advantage from a business perspective.

How does AI already exist in business?

Perhaps the most well-known example of a company making use of AI is Apple’s Siri. Siri has grown to become the most widely used digital assistant on the planet. She uses AI to become smarter over time and more able to understand the needs of her users. Alexa is arguably Siri’s biggest rival and counterpart as its ability to decipher human speech is astounding. It is quickly changing the way that consumers purchase products and scan the web.

Self-driving cars have long been one of the most highly anticipated and dramatised AI developments around. But Tesla is an example of a company that is making this futuristic dream a reality. Their self-driving capabilities have progressed to a point where they are too advanced for what driving regulations will actually allow them to do.

Another fantastic example of businesses using AI is the streaming service Netflix. Their competition has grown significantly in recent years, but one way they fight to stay ahead is through the AI deployed within user accounts. Netflix has the ability to learn the habits and wants of its viewers to offer up the most accurate movies and TV shows based on their needs.

Where does the future of AI lie in businesses?

Though you may not have realised it, AI already plays a fairly large role in businesses. However here’s a quick look at what you can expect in the future. First off will be driverless transportation. Tesla has already announced their development of driverless lorries which, if successfully executed, could revolutionise the whole transportation industry.

Another way is by integrating human consciousness or capabilities within an artificial being. This being can learn and act faster than a human and would be used in all manner of daily activities. In a business sense, it would dramatically reduce the need to hire human staff for dangerous and risky jobs.

Though the future of AI and business may seem scary or even a little far-fetched, there’s no hiding the fact that big change is coming. Even at the moment, your business can make use of current technology to smooth out its operations and streamline processes. This dependence on AI will grow and grow, and certain companies are already getting ahead of the curve, including big names like Amazon, Tesla and Google.

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