What apps can make your business more efficient?

The widespread availability of digital solutions nowadays means that starting and scaling a business is easier than ever. However, with greater access to such tools, many businesses find themselves in a more competitive industry where they must improve efficiency to get ahead. Well, there are plenty of apps available to do just that and help you improve your efficiency across all areas of your company. Here are 5 such apps that you could implement today.


Handling accounting and finance for your company can be a time-consuming and tedious task that many small business owners simply don’t want to do. Well, rather than paying lots of money for a trained accountant, you can make use of cloud-based accounting software like Xero. They are just one of the many solutions available, and there are plenty of great apps for small to medium-sized businesses. They help you track all areas of your company’s finances, require as little time as possible, and offer low fixed monthly payment plans.


Marketing and sales are the lifeblood of any business, but keeping track of all leads and managing them can be a confusing and often ineffective task. That’s why you need systems in place to help track all potential customers passing through the sales funnel. Hatchbuck is a tool that provides you with that system and can help you make the most out of every possible lead.


Slack is a powerful business application for companies that are starting to grow and have multiple employees. It is a space for everyone to share their knowledge and keep track of how everyone is performing. It allows for a knowledge sharing environment that can be accessed remotely by any member of your company.


Clickmeeting is a useful app for carrying out all sorts of company meetings and webinars. It can help bring your team together and allow you to train and bring in new team members working from remote locations. It is also useful for hosting webinars and sales calls for prospective leads.


A solid grasp of social media marketing is a necessary tool to help your business scale effectively and reach your audience in a meaningful way. But with so many different platforms and accounts, it can be time-consuming and tiring trying to manage all of them separately. Falcon allows you to bring all of your accounts together under one roof and manage them more effectively. You can then get more out of each account and grow your social presence faster and more efficiently.

These 5 business apps above can help you to improve company efficiency and scale as quickly as possible. However, there are plenty more available, each well suited to different company needs and wants. To help make the use of business apps, you should first take account of the biggest challenges getting in the way of your company efficiency and then look for tailored apps designed to help meet those challenges.

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