We hear claims all the time about how one technology is going to change the way we live, work or play. Rarely do they come true. Yet some technologies really do change the way we do things and Excalibur likes to explore many of them. The three we want to discuss today are Vodafone OneNet, Gamma Horizon and LG cloud telephony.

Each of these three technologies offer advantages to forward looking businesses but in slightly different ways. They all offer cost savings over on premise solutions while also offering flexibility in configuration and execution. First and foremost in our minds though is their ability to enable you to deliver exceptional service to your customers.

Vodafone OneNet

Vodafone OneNet is our most popular unified communications technology. It really can supercharge communications within a business and between that business and their customers. Whether you’re a startup or at enterprise level, improving communications both within and without pays long term dividends.

Vodafone OneNet blurs the lines between traditional PBX-based telephony and mobile. Landlines can be delivered to mobiles and vice versa. Mobiles can be added to hunt groups, access a single voicemail from anywhere, mobile call costs are collated with landline costs and it works with any mobile device. As an added bonus, it needs no PBX, no server or dedicated hardware. Everything is done from the cloud.

Vodafone OneNet is ideal for businesses who want to be agile, who spend time out of the office or who want to allow flexible working without compromising service or productivity. They are also ideal for organisations who want to deliver exceptional customer service regardless of how they are organised internally.

Gamma Horizon

Gamma Horizon is a cloud hosted PBX that offers many of the traditional telephony services you would expect. It also provides many services that a PBX couldn’t handle. If your business is communications intensive, Gamma Horizon could be for you. It is hosted in the cloud and used IP telephony. It works with most hardware and is managed from a simple web portal.

By using Gamma Horizon, you no longer need dedicated phone lines, a traditional PBX, POTS phones or any of the limitations you used to. All you need is a good network, IP phones or softphones and the desire to do more with less. We can take care of the rest. Like OneNet, Gamma Horizon can integrate landline and mobile for maximum flexibility.

Gamma Horizon can also link multiple sites and mobiles into a single hunt group, provide IVR and intelligent routing and deliver advanced call handling features should you need them. Ideal for any business who operates a contact centre and are determined to deliver the highest levels of service.

LG cloud telephony

LG cloud telephony is backed by communications equipment experts Ericsson. They provide IP telephony solutions similar to Gamma Horizon but also distinct from them. Called the IPECS system, the solution includes IP phones or softphones and works in the cloud.

Like our other communications solutions, LG cloud telephony enables you to integrate multiple sites into one group, deliver calls to both landlines and mobile, use CTI technology for contact centres, scale up and down as required and a range of other useful features.

Also like our other solutions, LG cloud telephony is based in the cloud so needs no dedicated hardware. As long as you have a good network, IP phones or softphones, you’re good to go!

Each of these solutions offers freedom to the business. Freedom from huge hardware overheads, freedom to allow flexible working without a productivity impact, freedom to expand and the freedom to pick and choose what services to use and when. They also enable organisations large or small to offer exceptional service levels to their customers.

If you think your business could benefit from any of these solutions, contact the unified communications experts at Excalibur today!

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