Google is now activating more than 1.3 million Android devices per day. The figure, announced earlier this week, represents a 30 per cent increase in daily activations since July 2012, as Google takes a stronger hold of key markets in China and the U.S. It is thought that there are now 480 million Android devices in use across the globe, with many professionals believing thatGoogle currently provide the best choice of business mobiles. However, reports that there is plenty of room for growth in the tablet market. On average, only 70,000 of these daily activations are Android tablets. CEO Eric Schmidt announced the startling figures during the official launch of firstnew Motorola smartphones since the Google takeover earlier this year. In an interview with, Schmidt was keen to explain why the Motorola deal was necessary for Google to progress in the mobile market. He said: “There is something about the Android ecosystem and Android approach that has produced a platform, an ecosystem, of enormous global scale; so much greater than I expected. “To me, that’s why we needed Motorola Mobility to be part of it. We have to play in this ecosystem, we have to be competitive andwe have to do it at the state of the art.”

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