Large businesses are more likely to move to the cloud than small-to-medium sized enterprises, according to a new survey. In a poll conducted by Qumu, 51 per cent of large business leaders claimed that they were considering moving applications to the cloud, whilst only 42 per cent of smaller businesses said the same. According to, 59 per cent of large businesses claimed that they would benefit from movingadditional applications to the cloud. Just 52 per cent of smaller businesses agreed with that statement. The most commonly cited reason for moving applications to the cloud was to give employees increased access to training material. More than one in four respondents were keen for staff to access these videos via the cloud, perhaps so they could improve their access to PC support documents and the like. Ray Hood, who is senior vice-president at Qumu, was quite surprised at the results of his company’s survey. In an interview with, he said: “The results showing that large enterprises are more inclined to Cloud applications is somewhat surprising. “Some may expect large companies to be concerned with Cloud security.We believe that larger companies have more history with IT outsourcing and see the Cloud as the next logical next step.”

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