Consumers can now access all kinds of services directly through their mobiles, tablets and laptops when on the go, from internet banking to movie streaming services like Netflix. And this growing demand has led to an increasingly large number of businesses offering WiFi to their guests. If you’re yet to buck the trend, here are four compelling reasons why you might consider offering it as well:

1. Get more customers through the door

Offering Wi-Fi is a sure-fire way to start getting more customers through your doors, especially if you run a business such as a bar or a restaurant, in which people will be relaxing on their own or with friends for an extended period of time. Make it obvious that you have Wi-Fi by including it on signs, doors and windows.

2. Build loyalty

If someone knows that you offer Wi-Fi, then they will be more likely to come back and visit again, especially if nearby venues don’t offer Wi-Fi for free. It also demonstrates that you care about the customer and are willing to go above and beyond. It allows your business to stand out above the rest and build long-term returning customers – the best kind!

3. Extend the services you offer

It’s possible, through Wi-Fi, to start extending the sorts of services you offer. Not all businesses would necessarily be able to do so, but some certainly can. Perhaps the best example of this is the Wetherspoons application. By offering free Wi-Fi in all pubs, they can then massively increase usage of their free app which lets customers order and pay from their phone. This reduces inconvenience for the customer and allows the pub to sell more without the need to have as many people manning the bar.

4. Protect your personal business Wi-Fi

Regardless of whether you offer free Wi-Fi or not, you’ll likely still get numerous customers asking if you do. Sometimes, you may be tempted to offer up your personal Wi-Fi connection as an alternative. However, this is unwise. You don’t know who might connect to it, and they then have access to the same connection from which you perform a whole array of sensitive business tasks. By offering an exclusive guest Wi-Fi, you can protect your personal one and ward off any threats.

5. The easiest way to access guest WiFi for your business

Simply put, it’s important for you to offer an exclusive guest Wi-Fi, as opposed to handing out the network you currently use. It will also allow for both connections to maintain high speeds, rather than becoming overloaded. At Excalibur, we offer a wide array of business Wi-Fi solutions and would be happy to discuss your needs in greater depth. Simply contact our team today.

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