Outsourcing used to be a dirty word but now it’s the way business is done. For small, streamlined or fast moving businesses, working with a managed service provider can prove the edge you need to excel. If you need advanced IT tools to get the job done but don’t have the resources to provide them yourself, managed services is the only way to go.

If you’re having growing pains, there are some sure signs you need to begin working with a managed service provider. Here are just a few of those signs.

You don’t have your own IT staff

Many small businesses delegate tasks to whoever is free at the time, or who has experience in dealing with computers. That’s fine while you’re just starting out but as you grow and your needs become more technical that just isn’t enough.

Having a dedicated, experienced IT staff on hand allows you to plan properly for the future, tackle problems in a timely manner and ensures you’re always using the right IT tool for the job.

You react instead of act

While firefighting is a big part of an IT admin’s job, constantly trying to catch up with fixes and maintenance tasks is not. The more systems you have, the more problems they bring with them. IT should be about looking forward, not constantly looking over your shoulder. An understaffed or inexperienced IT team will exacerbate that.

If you’re spending more time on fixing errors and repairing old kit than planning ahead or learning new ways of working more efficiently, you need a managed service provider.

Your IT staff are always working overtime

There are always instances where an IT admin needs to work out of hours and it is regarded as part of the job. However, having to work into the night or at the weekend for routine tasks is not part of the job. It is a sign that your IT resources are overstretched, which is not a healthy long term strategy.

Nobody can sustain working 70 hour weeks and nobody can maintain the concentration needed for detailed IT tasks without regular breaks.

You keep getting hacked

IT security is a full time job. The threats are numerous, sophisticated and getting better all the time. If you don’t have dedicated IT security resources, you are going to get hacked. Installing a firewall and antivirus software just isn’t enough. The physical and reputational damage of data loss of theft is also a significant risk.

If you don’t use encryption, don’t secure you data, don’t use secure email and rely on a single layer of security for your business, you definitely need a managed service provider!

Excalibur is a class-leading managed service provider who help hundreds of small businesses succeed. Why don’t you become one of them?

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