It doesn’t matter whether you’re a sole trader or multinational concern, staying in touch and engaging with your customers is central to your success. Wherever you are and however you work, you have to be contactable and answerable to your customers. Telepresence is easy if you work in an office and are always there but what if you’re mobile? What if you attend meetings, perform demonstrations, or are out there promoting your business? How do you stay in contact then? If you’re a typical small business you are the marketing department, customer services, tech support and receptionist rolled into one. How do you balance working in your business with working on it? One answer is Vodafone One Net. Chances are that you use a mobile phone to keep in touch. That’s fine if your customers don’t mind calling them. Many don’t. A lot of people still associate mobile numbers with expensive calls, poor call quality and leaving messages that never get replies. There is also a perception issue to overcome. We expect to call a plumber on a mobile because they are out in the field, but what about project specialists or lawyers? Perception counts for a lot in business so the more professional you appear, the more business you’re likely to get. Vodafone One Net brings together mobile and fixed line communications into one seamless package. They provide a single landline number that can be configured to call your desk phone, or mobile wherever you might be at the time. Not only that, you can use your laptop or tablet too! It overcomes the reluctance some people have with calling mobiles and it ensures you’re always in touch. It also overcomes the need to stay in the office and allows you the freedom you need to grow your business. It isn’t just about voice calls either. One Net has the capability to host conference calls, webinars, video calls and more. The package offers a low cost, scalable way for any small business to offer the same kind of features that a larger business can. Just because you’re new or small, doesn’t mean you can’t offer an excellent customer experience! So whatever kind of business you’re in, wherever you spend your days, Vodafone One Net ensures you’re always in touch. It’s simple to manage, easy to configure and costs less than you might think. Excalibur can handle everything too, so you can concentrate on what really matters, serving your customers. Contact Excalibur today to learn more about Vodafone One Net and what it can do for you!

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