Even if Windows 8 isn’t a roaring success, Microsoft won’t be any worse off – that’s according to theregister.co.uk. This is because in the last fiscal year,Windows Phone handsets only accounted for $736 million (£465m) of Microsoft’s business. Given that Microsoft made $73 billion during the same time, this accounts for less than one per cent of the company’s entire profits. Adam Ballantyne, an economic consultant, also revealed the figures on Seekingalpha.com. He went on to explain: “It we remove each non-Windows-Phone layer from what Microsoft calls its Entertainment and Devices Division (EDD), we’ll find that Windows Phone revenues has [sic] been fairly steady over the past few years.” Only it seems Microsoft wouldn’t lose too much if Windows 8 wasn’t a success, if it was, it could really help the company out. Ballantyne added: “Microsoft has made (in my opinion) a good product and it has failed to market it accordingly. Lowering the price… might potentially put the smartphone in the hands of millions of more consumers. “A positive reception of Windows 8 this October may help their cause,” he concluded. Windows 8 is set to launched on October 29th, according to reports, so the world will soon see just how much it impacts Microsoft’s business. Some have speculated that Windows 8 phones will come with long battery life, which Microsoft could push as its big selling point – perhaps smartly, giventhat those using these phones as business mobiles may require a long-lasting smartphone – but only time will tell.

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