Data backups are one of the many IT tasks that can be overlooked in a new or small business. With so many demands on your time and resources, it’s easy to ignore the “might happen” in favour of what is going on right now. But, data backups and archiving should be regarded the same as insurance. Essential investments that might one day save your business.

Picture the scene, you’re preparing a large bid for a very profitable piece of work and the lights go out, your systems go down and everything goes dark. When power returns and you reboot your machines, you see the message “A fatal error has occurred, please reboot.” All your work is gone, all your emails, company data, customer information, everything.

Data archiving and backups aren’t just for the dramatic incidents such as explosions, fire or floods. They are also for the simple things such as hard drive failure, malware attacks or viruses. All things we contend with every day. For the most part, we escape major harm from these incidents, but would you gamble your business on it?

What is your data worth?

For the vast majority of businesses that rely on technology, data is worth everything. Without it you cannot work, cannot get new business and certainly cannot grow. If a data loss becomes public, you can also lose any credibility you have worked so hard to build up.

A loss of a single hard drive could mean all your technical documentation is lost. It could mean loss of payroll, client accounts, marketing or CRM data, pending orders or other important information. Without it you’re no longer developing your business, you’re trying to save it.

Backups are insurance

Legalities aside, you wouldn’t drive your car without adequate insurance. You wouldn’t go without house or buildings insurance in the hope that nothing would happen. You buy insurance because you know any impact to those things can seriously harm your financial wellbeing.

Backups and data archives are insurance. They cost very little and when you have the right solution for your situation, you are completely covered come what may. The main difference between an insurance policy and a data archive is there is no indecipherable legal small print or huge list of exclusions with an archive.

If you are considering an archive or data backup solution, talk to us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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