BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device, has been around for a couple of years now. We are past the fad stage and now have the support networks in place to make BYOD a safe and viable option for businesses. But is BYOD a good idea? Would it work for your business? Here are what we regard as the pros and cons of BYOD to help you decide.

The positives of BYOD

Cost savings – Probably the most significant benefit of BYOD is that of cost savings. With the employee now providing their own tech, the average business can save huge amounts on hardware and support. If they provide their own phones too, that can add up to a significant saving.

Employee satisfaction – The biggest surprise we had when looking at BYOD was increased employee satisfaction instead of reduced satisfaction. You would think employees would resent having to use their own equipment and use their own phones for work. But on the whole, they don’t.

They buy their laptops and phones for a reason. Because they like them and can work with them. If they get to use a sleeker, faster or more personalised machine during the day, they are happier and more productive as a result.

Mature support – Like many new ways of working, BYOD had an awkward start. It was adopted before it was ready, nobody really knew what to do with it. IT departments weren’t really aware of the risks and rewards of all these devices suddenly appearing on the network until a long time afterwards. Now the support mechanisms are there and we fully understand the implications, we can make the most of the opportunity.

The negatives of BYOD

Loss of Control – Company-issued technology has usually been tested and approved. It has also been scanned, secured and issued with company-wide security agents. BYOD turns all that on its head. You have a mixture of device types, multiple operating systems and maybe some unapproved software now loose in your network.

Security – No discussion of BYOD is complete without touching on security. You have no idea what is loaded onto employee machines, whether they are infected already or have adequate security. While you may mandate loading of security agents onto them before being used, they are not always as secure as you would like.

Company Data – As a result of using their own machines for work, employees have increased access to company data. The opportunity for loss or theft increases unless the business is exceptionally careful with data control and implements a robust information security solution to protect that data.

If you would like some expert help in deciding on BYOD as a strategy or implementing it securely across your business, contact Excalibur today. Our BYOD experts will be happy to help!

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