Managed IT services are touted as the new way of working, but that’s a term we hear every time some new innovation is released. Does managed service have a real business advantage or is it just marketing speak? Is there a genuine benefit to managed IT services for the SMB?

As a company that offers such services, we obviously have a vested interest in them, but we genuinely believe in their advantages too. We think the benefits managed IT services offer business are substantial. Here are just a few of them.

Cost savings

The most compelling business advantage of managed IT services is that of cost-effectiveness. Where else can you get such a high quality of service for so little? You don’t need your own IT team, you don’t need to invest in hardware, software or staff. You have single, predictable monthly outlay that covers everything.

Alternatively, we can work alongside your IT team to support you every step of the way. We can expand your skillset, widen your capabilities and offer all the expertise you need to keep your team ahead of the game.

Expertise on call

Not many SMBs can afford the kind of IT necessary to keep up with the demands of doing business. With the diversity of platforms, protocols and devices within a typical network, you need a team of people to stay on top of it all. That requirement accelerates considerably if you expand or want to adopt new technologies.

Not so with managed IT services. All the expertise you need are only ever a phone call or trouble ticket away. From support to project management, a good vendor will have all the skills you need.

Proactive monitoring and intervention

A good managed IT service can improve the uptime, network throughput, security and performance of your entire IT estate. The reduction in faults and downtime that come with such a service is worth the cost on its own!


No business stands still for long. Your structure evolves alongside the business environment and your customer base. Without a dedicated team and a significant budget it is difficult for any business to keep up with that. Not so with managed IT services. The flexible nature of the solution enables you to request the solutions you need when you need them and only pay for what you use.

Enterprise level solutions

The ability for a start-up or small business to access applications usually reserved for those who can afford them is one of our favourite benefits. At this stage, you simply cannot afford your own enterprise applications. With a managed IT services vendor, you can.

Disaster recovery

We have spoken about disaster recovery recently as it is something close to our heart. Ensuring your business can continue to operate regardless of what is going on around you is paramount. Setting it all up yourself can be expensive and time consuming. It is something you can also benefit from with many quality managed IT service vendors.

Peace of mind

Finally, yet most importantly for many smaller businesses and for IT managers, comes peace of mind. Whatever happens, whenever it might happen, you’re covered. The knowledge that your business has the expertise, security and reliability to cope with anything makes managed IT services worth every penny.

Contact Excalibur today if you would like to learn how your business could benefit from top class managed IT services!

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