UK cybercrime growth is a constant threat to all of us and tackling it is now second nature for most internet users. Unfortunately, the message that cybercrime is a problem for everyone is obviously not getting through as the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found out.

Their most recent study, published last week shows an estimated 5.8 million incidents of cybercrime reported over the past year. Around 2 million of those are classed as computer misuse, which includes virus attacks and hacking and 3.8 million of computer fraud. That fraud typically included the theft of bank and credit card details.

A further 1 million attacks were social engineering scams such as malware that sends you to fake customer support services or other type of user-oriented action. Over 1.4 million Brits have been victims of a virus attack with a further 600,000 have been directly hacked over the period. All of this is adding up to a progressive UK cybercrime growth rate.

This is the first time the ONS has published cybercrime statistics. The numbers were arrived at via a voluntary survey carried out over 6 months and over 9,000 participants. As many cybercrimes go unnoticed or unreported, no completely accurate number is possible so this is the closest we can get to seeing how everyday people and businesses are affected by UK cybercrime growth.

More work to do on cybersecurity

The survey makes for sobering reading, especially considering it shows one in ten of us are still falling prey to cybercrime. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an individual or company, you have to protect yourself while online. Even the simplest protection such as antivirus and firewall software can go a long way to protecting you while using a computer connected to the internet.

Businesses have more to lose and not just financially. The loss of data can harm reputations, impact productivity and result in lost business, prosecution or fines. It is not something to take lightly whether you’re a small outfit with a few devices or a huge multinational with thousands.

The survey highlights the reason why Excalibur includes extensive user training to all our customers. Security plays a large part in that training as we prepare you to make the most of your new systems and the productivity benefits they provide. Cyber security contains a lot of complicated terms and references but is quite simple in practice. It is made even simpler after a training session with one of our security experts!

We don’t just set you up with shiny new IT and leave you to it. Detailed user training in all aspects of the systems you use and network security are all part of the package.

If you want to avoid becoming one of these statistics, contact Excalibur today. We’ll make sure your business is protected!

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