Last year was relatively quiet in terms of new innovations. We saw evolutions rather than revolutions and iterative updates instead of landmark products. Fortunately, 2014 looks a little brighter. Let’s take a quick look at the trends we expect to see this year.

Data Security

After Snowden and the NSA revelations, data security is going to be bigger than ever this year. Microsoft, Google, Cisco, Samsung and others are all working on secure data storage, transmission, encryption and physical security measures to keep snoopers out. The upside for business is going to be a huge surge in security with a real emphasis on keeping everyone out of your data.

Wearable Tech (see our post on Wearable Tech here)

We spoke about wearable tech last time and we still think it’s going to be big, no huge this year. The sheer advantages of some of this tech will make it a must-have for individuals and organisations. The ability to interact with the internet of things and make a real difference to productivity or lifestyle almost guarantees the success of these devices. If they live up to the hype.


We have seen the effect crowdfunding has in a range of industries. From Steam Greenlight, to Kickstarter or Crowdfunder. It seems anyone can be a venture capitalist if they want and people are liking it. With the banks still largely persona non grata and unwilling to take risks, crowdfunding is the way to go if you need capital. It’s going to get more intelligent and broader too.

Cloud Services

Cloud services and Software as a Service is expected to become even bigger this year. Forbes are just one of many organisations that expects at least a 25% increase in the uptake of cloud services of one sort or another in 2014. We have to say we agree. With proven reliability and cost-effectiveness now apparent, more companies are realising they don’t have to spend a fortune on in-house tech.

3D Printing

While 3D printing is nothing new, it will begin proving its worth to business. Companies are printing everything from car parts to food and even internal organs. With printers becoming more accomplished and much cheaper, the world of 3D printing is opening up massively. If you have access to the blueprints, you can print your parts or your spares instead of buying them. You could print your own products, replace suppliers with a 3D printer and a whole lot more. It’s going to change the supply chain considerably. Those are just some of the tech trends we see coming to the fore this year. Whatever happens, 2014 is going to be a big one for technology!

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