With the CES in full swing in Las Vegas, one trend is becoming clear, wearable tech is going to be a big thing this year. Far from looking like a passing fad, it actually does look like something businesses can use. An estimated 1.5 million wearable devices will be bought in 2014, so what is wearable tech and what can it do for you?

What is Wearable Tech?

If you have heard of Google Glass, you have heard of wearable tech. It is a computer-type device that you wear somewhere on your body. They can measure body functions, track your location, communicate with other devices and even tell you when you have been out in the sun too long. There are a few high profile wearables that you have probably heard of. Google Glass is a pair of glasses that can also double as a computer screen. It enables the wearer to access the internet, check emails and other functions without using your hands. The Samsung Galaxy Gear connects to your Samsung tablet or smartphone and lets you interact with it without having to use the phone. You can make calls, check emails, take photos and do many of the things you do with the handset itself. The Sony Core is one of many fitness trackers that can measure heart rate, distance travelled, temperature, pulse and even how well you sleep. It interacts with an app called Lifelog to provide a complete overview of how you live your life.

What Can Wearable Tech Offer Business?

Wearable tech isn’t just a geek fad that will pass quickly, it is an evolution of technology that is here to stay. There are distinct benefits to wearable tech and any forward looking business would do well to consider them. Google Glass and other wearable computers offer instant access to the internet, to knowledge, to networks and information, wherever you may be. For example, you could translate a document on the fly in a meeting. You could set calendar reminders remotely while on the train, or email while a passenger in a car. Facial recognition technology will also offer real business benefits to those of us who can never remember names too! Connect a wearable of any kind to a smartphone and you can have instant access to databases offering real-time updates on your business. Get instant stock alerts so you can manage inventory, track deliveries as they happen with personal location tracking, or even let your warehouse know a delivery is at the gate. Businesses promoting health and wellbeing will also benefit with the range of fitness oriented wearables on offer. They allow tracking of behaviour to coincide with promotions, rewards and achievements. They offer the means for a cohesive strategy for tackling health within an organisation. Wearable technology can have distinct benefits for any business of any type. That’s why we are so excited about the new products being show at CES this year!

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