With Microsoft’s Build 2015 all done and dusted, we now have a fairly good idea of what to expect from their next operating system. That, combined with a few iterations of the previews has given us a very good idea of what’s coming. We like what we see.

Here are some standout features of Windows 10 that we are particularly looking forward to.

Continuum for Windows Phone

We have spoken about Continuum before but it is well worth talking about again. Essentially, Continuum turns your Windows phone into a mini desktop. Combined with

keyboard, mouse and larger screen, your phone can become a mini PC to send emails, update calendars, documents and many more tasks.

We think Continuum will have real benefits for productivity and those who work on the road.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the new Internet Explorer. It’s faster, more secure, easier to live with and will support extensions from Chrome and Firefox out of the box. It is also a “universal

app” meaning it will work across any Windows device. This add another level of productivity and interoperability to web browsing.


As long as your office can handle the extra noise, the inclusion of Cortana into Windows 10 is a potential game changer. We all control our phones by talking to Cortana, Siri or

Google, but shifting this voice control over to desktop is a real boon. Cortana will allow you to do almost anything just by asking the computer to do it.

For multitasking and complex applications, voice control is the future.


While not strictly a Windows 10 feature, HoloLens is an exciting glimpse into the future that is intended to be fully compatible with Windows 10. It is miles ahead of Google Glass

and there is nothing around that’s quite like it. Microsoft’s Universal Apps program is also designed to be fully compatible with HoloLens.

There was a brief showcase of HoloLens at Build 2015 and it looks amazing!

Change of behaviour

By far the thing we are looking forward to most with Windows 10 is the complete change of behaviour shown by Microsoft. For the first time we will actually receive an operating

system we want, not what Microsoft wants us to have. We will be able to use it anywhere, on any compatible device to do pretty much anything. We will be able to use Android

apps, control our computers with our voice and eventually, mix the digital and real worlds seamlessly.

On any level, professional or otherwise, we think Windows 10 could actually live up to the marketing hype. And for that, we are looking forward to it immensely!

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