There are real change afoot for Windows 10 that should make life easier and we like the look of all of them.

Windows as a service

Windows 10 is allegedly the last OS Microsoft will ever produce. Rather than going through specific editions like Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8, Windows 10 will be a service. It will be steadily upgraded with new updates as well as patches and fixes.

The Windows 10 insider programme garnered over 3 million pieces of feedback, much of which Microsoft said they have integrated into the OS. From feedback so far, many of those comments have fed into newer test versions.

The other big change will be with updates. As anyone who has used Windows for a few years will tell you, new features and upgrades were either sporadic or reserved for Service Packs. That’s all changing. Windows 10 will receive steady, incremental updates that should in theory reduce the need for upgrade projects and outages. In theory.


Innovation in software is somewhat subjective. A UI development can be progress for one user and a step backwards for another. But what isn’t subjective are the innovations being brought forth in Windows 10. Features such as Continuum, Edge, the Universal OS concept and quite a few other new features all feel fresh and new.

Biometric logins and the built in payment system are two new technologies that could benefit businesses quite significantly. Both will be included within Windows 10 either at, or after launch.


Windows Update and Patch Tuesdays are fine for home users, but scale up to an enterprise network and they bring a whole new set of challenges. The ability to select when and where Windows 10 updates is going to be very useful indeed.

As mentioned, updates will come steadily, but you can opt out if you run mission critical systems. You can then elect to test, test live and roll out much like you do now. Mixed deployments are also being supported, to allow you to pick and choose what, when and where you update.

There are some good innovations here that may finally give us the operating system we have been asking for. With just under a month to go, we don’t have long to wait.

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