With Windows 8 being launched how will this impact my IT? Microsoft launched their new operating system on October 26th 2012 with touch screen technology and mobile computing the main drivers as they seek to capture a share of the market dominated by Apple and Google. Windows 7 and 8, are in many ways the same, though Windows has clearly evolved, the product has improved. It is more secure, performs better and many other features have been added and enhanced. But fundamentally, under the bonnet, it works and runs the same. So, whilst it looks completely different, it’s just as easy to integrate, manage, deploy and support as Windows 7 is right now. Since Windows 7 was launched, the world has been taken by storm by a consumer product, the iPad, which started a whole generation of tablet technology. This device caught Microsoft off guard and their PC operating system just couldn’t provide a comparable touch experience. Windows 8 brings in competing touch screen technology whilst integrating it with their existing keyboard and mouse support. Microsoft is still continuing the development of the digital pen into the platform and when the next version of Office is launched in February 2013, it will also support these modes. Soon you will be able to annotate notes into a working document, or handwrite notes, then go back to your desk and dock your device and start working with it as a fully functioning PC. However it offers little for users of traditional computers and instead you will see more tablets, slabs and thin looking PCs coming into the workplace either through purchasing them or employees bringing their own device – which leads to further issues to consider for management and security. Non touch devices will slowly decline in the workplace, as evidenced already through reducing sales of PCs this year which many believe is a direct link to the launch of Windows 8. Instead smarter, slimmer devices will become more of the norm to get the best use out of this new functionality. With the low cost of entry into this market it is well worth evaluating Windows 8 to see how you can improve better ways of working through new technology.

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