Before we directly discuss the definition of enterprise software, we must take a step back and make sure that we are on the same page when we talk about the meaning of “enterprise” itself. 

In summary, “ENTERPRISE” generally refers to a large business organisation or company, including many different functions and activities. A typical enterprise might consist of the following: 

  •  Sales department 
  •  Technology or IT department 
  •  Finance department 
  •  The legal or judicial department 
  •  Public relations department (public relations) 

The above list clearly shows that there are many differences in the typical character of the company. Keep this in mind when we present the definition of enterprise software.

What is Enterprise Software? 

Enterprise Software, also known as Enterprise Application Software (EAS), is computer software designed to meet the needs of organisations rather than individual users. Such organisations include businesses, governments, charities, interest-based user groups, clubs and schools.

What can we learn from the above definition? Since companies are often large organisations, business software must be “great software” by definition. “Large” here refers to large scale – software that supports many users and user roles and supports many (if not most) of the business goals.

What are the typical examples of enterprise software?

Now we will briefly introduce some of the more common commercial software examples. Since this type of software aims to support the activities of large organisations, it should not be surprising that most of the items on the list. Let’s see them below:

Human Resource (HR) Management 

Large organisations may have many employees and human resources departments to handle promotion, recruitment, layoffs,  holidays, retirement, PTO, etc. 

Depending on where the company is located, it may be subject to complex labour laws. Failure to comply with these laws can lead to severe financial and legal consequences. Therefore, it is essential for most companies to have specialised software to help human resource professionals in their work.

Salary or Payroll management 

This project is based on the previous theme: the organisation has employees. Employees must get the proper compensation at the right time. Otherwise, the organisation may face some of the legal and financial consequences we mentioned in the previous section. 

Why do we give pay management our most companies need to have them instead of including it in human resource management? Although they are related, salary management may involve another type of professional, namely accountants. Accounting software or larger business applications accounting modules necessarily contain terms that may be unfamiliar to human resource professionals. 

Email Marketing System 

In order not only to survive but also to thrive, organisations must always acquire new customers while maintaining healthy and lasting relationships with existing customers. Few tools can be used for this purpose as effectively as old email because it is the de facto standard of communication in the business world. 

However, you can’t just start sending mass emails to people using libraries in a specific programming language. In addition to the risk of being viewed as spam, these local methods may give you headaches about legislation designed to protect user data, such as the GDPR. If you want to avoid the dangers mentioned above and access the facilities needed to manage customer preferences, adopting an appropriate email marketing system is a viable approach. 

Customer Service 

A business should have many customers. They will always encounter problems and need help to solve these problems. This is why most companies will have a customer service centre where they can respond to customer requests, whether by email, live chat or phone. The software that supports the customer support system is critical in two main ways. The first and obvious one is that it allows customer support staff to complete their work to help customers. 

But the second and more subtle way that software helps the customer support process is to collect metrics to improve the process itself. By monitoring indicators such as the average time required to solve the problem, the total amount of work invested in each issue, or the number of the problems recorded per day, organisations can clearly understand their performance in customer service. And hope to make full use of this knowledge.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

Last but not least, we have what is probably the most “enterprise” of all business applications: billions of dollars in what we call enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. ) Dollar industry. 

ERP is not just an application; it is a process. Its objective is to achieve integrated management of the central business processes of the organisation. Typically, companies use technology to implement such strategies, and this is where the ERP system comes into play.

By adopting ERP software, organisations can have a comprehensive view of their most important processes. In this way, they can track the status of your resources and business events. In a sense, ERP includes all the items on the above list and even more. It facilitates the exchange of data between various departments of the organisation and even with external stakeholders. 

Historically, large enterprises have mainly adopted ERP solutions. But recently, smaller organisations and even startups have begun to use these systems.

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