Excalibur is committed to setting high standards for service excellence in the UK telecoms and IT industry. Being famous for Customer Engagement is a key mission for the company and drives everything we do.

In a recent internal service review and team exercise, Excalibur partners worked together to create a visual of how Excalibur works and places customers at the heart of the business, from a first sales call through to IT support and finance.


A flowchart defines Excalibur's interactions and responsibilities to its customers.


Peter Boucher, Excalibur CEO, speaking about customer engagement, said:

“Excalibur wants to be famous for great customer engagement. We believe it’s a core part of delivering the very highest levels of service. Wanting to be famous for something means we set the bar impossibly high and relentlessly look at ways of improving things, big and small.

“To achieve this, you not only need to focus on process and systems, but culture. Our partners take responsibility for this, and we invite them to review and introduce changes where they see fit. It enables them to respond to customer needs, account manage and problem solve effectively. We are on a never-ending mission to take our employee and customer engagement to the next level.”


Excalibur’s customer service means:

• four service colleagues employed to every sales personnel
• 98% of queries have a response rate within an hour
• 97% of queries are resolved within two hours
• an engaged team, that delivers a better service. Colleagues are empowered to take ownership of issues
• a measured, efficient and transparent managed service, with all cases SLA driven

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